Wondering Belgravia

~ Wondering Belgravia ~ 

Remember I did that post a few weeks back were I was all 'I'm going to be back blogging regularly!!' .. Well that is the plan but at the moment, with uni etc. I'm just a bit busy (I know right, such a lousy excuse) but I am trying, haha! - Anyway, I visit the beautiful Belgravia over the weekend with a couple of uni friends and visited the pink wonderland that is Peggy Porschen.. and I'm blogging about it; SEE at least I have 1 post to give you this week..

[Shirt: H&M | Skirt: Zara (from Oxfam!) | Bag: Zara (old) | Shoes: Superga]

The Peggy Porschen cafe is somewhere you either instantly know about or, after typing it into Instagram (the source of all things important nowadays) you'll get that lightbulb moment of 'oooooh there!'. Being honest, whoever owns the place has literally hit the nail on the head. It may be small, but you actually see its pink walls way down the street before you arrive. All the pink and flowers really make it the Instagram dream and with all the people outside (we waited 25 minutes for a table!) the endless stream of people snapping photos and posing under the flower (and colour pumpkin) cladded doorway - its quite evident the place is an internet hype! While there we had some coffees and I had a humongous dark chocolate slice of cake as we sat outside on the pretty table and chairs. I have to say its a very pretty place but somewhere once you've been, you don't really ever have to go back.

As it was a dry day, I braved it without an umbrella - I know, so brave. I even went without thick tights and wore a skirt.. well if you are visiting somewhere as bloody posh as Belgravia you have to kinda make an effort don't you! I have to say this whole outfit is probably may most favourite outfit at the moment (albeit I've switched the shoes) The white shirt was a sensible purchase I made in H&M and with it obviously being on of thee most versatile pieces of clothing you can buy - I'm quite happy I finally bought something sensible. Same with the white pumps, they haven't really left my feet the past few months! With the skirt, I love it even if it isn't the most exciting skirt you've ever seen. Its a Zara basic skirt BUT I managed to buy for £6 is the local Oxfam - how great it that?! It was new with tags and everything, Surrey charity shops really are on another level..


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