Christmas Magic at the Natural History Museum

/ / C H R I S T M A S  M A G I C  A T  T H E  N A T U R A L  
H I S T O R Y  M U S E U M \ \

I'll admit, its taking me a lot this year to feel Christmassy. I know we are yet to tick over into Decemeber but for some reason this year, I haven't had that Christmassy excitement, the build up to this exciting time of year. SO, in a bid to raise my Christmas spirits a trip to the Natural History Museum was in order. We (me & one of my uni friends!) took an evening train, had a wobbly skate around the ring and ended with some champagne cocktails in a snazzy Kensington bar - I'll admit, I ~think~ I've had worse Tuesdays!

BEAUTY | A Tale of a White Rabbit

/ /  A  T A L E  O F  A  W H I T E  R A B B I T \\

Now this is a little exciting, I feel like I've spoken a lot about beauty and skin recently on this blog.. well more than usual I feel. And today is no exception! I'll let you in on a secret; I've always loved bunny rabbits, they've been my favourite animal since as long as I remember and despite calling myself a mature 21 year old, I still receive rabbit themed pj's every birthday/christmas off my mum.. and secret bloody love it. So, combine this with a constant need to keep my skin moistured - low and behold skincare brand White Rabbit! I've been a fan of them for absolutely ages, following on Instagram and recently I bought some more bits to had to my little collection. Fancy knowing a little more, well let me tell 'ya!

Ski Slopes in South Kensington

/ / S K I  S L O P E S  I N  S O U T H  K E N S I N G T O N\\ 

So as stupid as the title is, it's as true as it suggests - we genuinely stumbled upon a wall in South Kensington covered with a Ski Slope scene. I couldn't tell you why it was there, but it seemed the perfect scene for a quick #OOTD shoot when I was out wondering London with my uni friends. The area is always a delight for the eyes and the fact I finally got an outfit photo of my new (ish by now) dusky pick corduroy trousers, it was actually a great way to spend a Wednesday.. because we all know what colour we wear on Wednesdays, right?!

The Power of a Complete Fresh Start

/ / T H E  P O W E R  O F  A  C O M P L E T E  F R E S H  S T A R T\\

If you've been reading this blog from a while (lool *tumble weed*) you'll probably know by now, I've gone from working full time back home in North Wales to moving to university veeeeery far from home and, well let's say I'm no longer the girl of yester year. Very far from it. Today I wanted to write a little blog post on a Fresh Start, something that's not always easy to do, but if achieved can, in some ways, change your life. I so desperately needed a fresh start like you won't believe. I now, whilst at uni am the happiest I've been for such a long long time, it only took a matter of moving half why across the country... of course your fresh start doesn't have to be THAT dramatic, but this worked for me!

An Autumn/Winter To-Do List

// A N  A U T U M N  /  W I N T E R  T O - D O  L I S T \\

I feel like my life is a continuous cycle of posting a blog post then internally stressing for the next week that I have nothing left to say.. the less I blog the less inspired I get. But nevertheless today I have ~actually~ thought of a post to do - a to-do list for the coming couple of months. Yes, as scary as it sounds.. the coming months are now leading up till Christmas (HOW is life flying by so quickly) I have a couple of trips I need to tick off, a few bits I want to pick up as well as a certain Christmassy coffee cup I must get my mitts on.. of course.