An Autumn/Winter To-Do List

// A N  A U T U M N  /  W I N T E R  T O - D O  L I S T \\

I feel like my life is a continuous cycle of posting a blog post then internally stressing for the next week that I have nothing left to say.. the less I blog the less inspired I get. But nevertheless today I have ~actually~ thought of a post to do - a to-do list for the coming couple of months. Yes, as scary as it sounds.. the coming months are now leading up till Christmas (HOW is life flying by so quickly) I have a couple of trips I need to tick off, a few bits I want to pick up as well as a certain Christmassy coffee cup I must get my mitts on.. of course. 

1. Buy a Coffee in a Costa Christmas mug
I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for anything gimmicky surrounding coffee. If there was a coffee festival; I'd be there.. so of course the new takeaway Christmas coffee cups have been released and I need one NOW. Costa is always going to be my number 1 babe, so my literal top of the list job I need to do is go get a coffee (or Hot Spiced Apple *heart eyes*) in the amazingly cute cups - who wouldn't want to be drinking a coffee with a gingerbread man on it, this time of year anyway?!

2. Find the perfect berry red lipstick
Having completely finished my Rimmel Kate Moss 107, I have been struggling for so long to find the 'perfect' berry red. I currently have two liquid lipsticks but they're both on the dark purple side, its the red side I'm on the hunt for.. my quest continues..

3. Visit Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park and Fortum & Mason 
Now I live within a stones throw to London, I have the perfect opportunity to jump on the train and visit ALL the Christmassy events. Of course Winter Wonderland is top, I have heard its ridiculously expensive but it seems amazing so I'm sure even to walk around its great! Plus, I've never been to F&M before but it just seems a really christmassy place to walk around, I can literally browse any store so to walk around a department store full of luxury foods... bring it on. 

4. Apply Face masks more regularly 
As the weather has dramatically plummeted recently, its only going to play havoc with my skin. My gold rule this winter is to apply as many face masks and always put face cream on at night, so to keep the dryness at bay. Can't be having dry skin now, can we!

5. Buy this Joanie 'Maybe Baby' Jumper
I feel every blogger and her dog has a Bella Fraud cashmere jumper, you know the ones; usually red, with 1970 across the top - you know the one... well sadly I cannot justify spending a 3 figure sum on a jumper at the mo, so trying to find something, let's see, with my budget has been a priority (because I do love the jumpers!) I seem to have seen the 'Maybe Baby' red jumper dotted amongst people on Instagram and will admit you'd be shocked to find it isn't a Bella Fraud number... At the moment, on Joanie Clothing the jumper is only in stock in a Large and above, so not unavailable for a probable size medium gal like me. But I do check, about twice a day if its back in in a medium HAHA - I just love the jumper ok!

6. Read more books!
Finally, something probably most people say they should do - read more. I haven't picked up a book in absolute ages, not since I finished 'Paris for One' during Everyday in August (lol remember when I had time to blog everyday haha!) But, I currently do have a book on the go and one in the pipeline, thanks to a trip to the national trust and a 50p bargain on a John Green book! I've found I settle and sleep quicker if I've read as apposed to being on my phone before closing my eyes, so reading before bed is definitely something that needs to happen more frequently.



  1. That Joanie jumper is so lovely! I definitely want to visit WW within the next few weeks :)

    T x

    1. The jumper is so nice yeah! - definitely need a trip to Winter Wonderland☺️ x