BEAUTY | A Tale of a White Rabbit

/ /  A  T A L E  O F  A  W H I T E  R A B B I T \\

Now this is a little exciting, I feel like I've spoken a lot about beauty and skin recently on this blog.. well more than usual I feel. And today is no exception! I'll let you in on a secret; I've always loved bunny rabbits, they've been my favourite animal since as long as I remember and despite calling myself a mature 21 year old, I still receive rabbit themed pj's every birthday/christmas off my mum.. and secret bloody love it. So, combine this with a constant need to keep my skin moistured - low and behold skincare brand White Rabbit! I've been a fan of them for absolutely ages, following on Instagram and recently I bought some more bits to had to my little collection. Fancy knowing a little more, well let me tell 'ya!

Being honest I cannot remember when or how I discovered the brand. It was through Instagram but must have seen one of those times where I stumbled across their page. Having instantly loved the name and package I was very eager to try.

The first item I bought was back in April, when I visited Edinburgh. I saw they had various stockist throughout the capital (being a Scottish brand!) so took the opportunity, found a chemist-type place that stock the brand and bought the 'Chamomile & Carrot Seed Eye Cream'. Now, as I've been using this religiously since April, I feel I have used this enough by now to give an honest opinion - and it's VERY positive. As the whole range is natural and vegan, their products don't smell artificial. This eye cream is a very runny constancy which makes it so cooling under the eyes. They do suggest to pat it under the eyes which I do, meaning it does take a while to soak into the skin. With it so cooling it does make the skin so soft and generally a very lovely cream!

A new purchase, which spurred me on to write this post was their 'Olive and Avocado Cell Renewal Serum'. As I has recently ran out of face cream, my first thought was to look on their website to see what they had as a replacement for my Neal's Yard cream. The description of this was 'Like Liquid Gold' so that had me at hello! As it was £10, once you signed up to their newsletter you get 15% off so I only had to pay £8.50 which is SO AFFORDABLE. I've used it around 3 times now at night and the first impression is it has legitimately given my skin an actual glow. I'll admit the smell is very.. natural. You can very much smell the olive, it smell very olive oil-y but its not too strong once on the skin. I had it on my skin for a few hours before bed and once I woke up, my skin looked so healthy. I haven't had that for a long long time!

Finally, with my order I was given a little sample of their 'It's All About M.E Night Cream' which I found out is a product where £1 of each sale goes towards an M.E association. I have used it a couple of times and is a very lovely product. Smells fresh and its a soft consistency. 

And there we are, that's my little post on White Rabbit Skincare, a skincare brand I genuinely love and will be buying a lot more from in the future!


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