Blog Eighteen in Twenty Seventeen

/ / B L O G  E I G H T E E N  I N  T W E N T Y  S E V E N T E E N \\

Doing an 'end of year review' has become somewhat of a tradition on this blog. I hadn't realised, but I have done a 'Blog Eighteen in..' post for the past 2 years, this years offerings being my 3rd edition. So, in keeping with traditions (as it were) I thought I'd give a little round up of my very topsy turvy year (you'll see what I mean as I talk you through the months!) Ive gone from working in a full time job back home, to leaving, having a great summer and then moving 300 miles away to university in Surrey. Now I'm back home for Christmas, it seems the perfect time to reflect on the, like I said, 'topsy-turvy' year I've had. Having read last years review like this, I had a sudden urge to keep these yearly review posts alive, so sit back and let me talk you through my year.. enjoy!

Snippets of a Festive London..

/ / A  F E S T I V E  L O N D O N \\

Now, as you may have seen by now I'm lucky enough to be going to University very near London. I simply have to hop on a train and 40 minutes later I'm magically in the Capital. So visiting London has become somewhat of a weekly thing amongst me and my friends. BUT, over the weekend I had my mum come down to London for a festive few days (before helping me with all my luggage to come home from uni for Christmas!) So, with playing the tourist over the weekend I thought I'd compile all my snaps and show you the festivities we got up to..

My Colour Palette for Winter

// M Y  C O L O U R  P A L E T T E  F O R  W I N T E R \\

Saying I have a specific 'colour palette' for this winter is a little of a sweeping statement; I of course wear an array of colours. But, in todays post I wanted to write about the colours I seem to have been turning to in the last few weeks. With the weather now officially COLD, trying to say fashionable whilst simultaneously keeping warm enough not to freeze to death in the icy winds has been a challenge. But with the handful of jumpers and layers (and layers) of clothing, dressing for the weather with the help of a colour palette of mostly Cream, Pink and the odd Burnt Orange/Red, winter dressing has seemed a success.. even if my ankles have been numb a few times. 


/ / P I N K  A D D I C T \\

Now you may think that the top image is a little jazzier than usually for this blog - I don't usually put an image on a colourful background and badly do some kind of typography, do I? BUT, I'll be honest, being inspired by the people of Instagram (specifically their stories!) I thought, why not bring a little colour to a usual normal photo... As you can see the theme of todays post is pink, this is most definitely not the first time. I picked up a t-shirt off Depop last week, a tee with the aptly name slogan 'pink addict', I mean when I saw it I thought to myself 'if the shoe fits..', having received it earlier in the week I can honest say its my new favourite item in my wardrobe. So what better way to commemorate this? Blog about it of course!