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Doing an 'end of year review' has become somewhat of a tradition on this blog. I hadn't realised, but I have done a 'Blog Eighteen in..' post for the past 2 years, this years offerings being my 3rd edition. So, in keeping with traditions (as it were) I thought I'd give a little round up of my very topsy turvy year (you'll see what I mean as I talk you through the months!) Ive gone from working in a full time job back home, to leaving, having a great summer and then moving 300 miles away to university in Surrey. Now I'm back home for Christmas, it seems the perfect time to reflect on the, like I said, 'topsy-turvy' year I've had. Having read last years review like this, I had a sudden urge to keep these yearly review posts alive, so sit back and let me talk you through my year.. enjoy!

 Right now, sitting here about to write this I suddenly have that 'where to I even start feeling?' The Months January - July we a blur of working my unhappy job and counting the seconds till I left. As soon as it did, I crammed as much into my Summer as possible and whilst being at University since September I've had the best few months of my life. SO, its quite right to ask ask the question: where do I start?..

The first couple of months of 2017 started very slowly, I almost couldn't recall anything much I did. Of course, I started the year with an Unconditional Offer from the university I am at now, which was my first choice - obviously this was positive, but on the whole Jan, Feb and parts of March were just filled with working 9 to 5 and spending weekends blogging. I do remember though, beginning of the year I made it my resolution to try harder with my blog. With weekends doing very little I had ALL the time to improve. To which I'm so proud of. I have noted down (in my diary - yeah I write everything in there) that in January 'My First 6 blog posts reached 100 views!!!' - and they continued to always reach this mark or above, this only motivated me more. Some posts I look back and feel super proud of were:

Beginning of April saw a much needed to trip with one of my oldest friends. We had a girly few days in Edinburgh and I kid you not, it was the best few days I've had. The city itself was beautiful beyond words and we genuinely had a lovely lovely few days; the blog post I wrote (here) is one I often look back on! Also during this quarter I was lucky enough to visit York too, this time with my auntie. This again was a lovely trip, as she's an elderly auntie this of course was a weekend of slow pace and early nights, which I wasn't complaining about, (read about it: here!) Finally, to top off my couple of months of, apparent trips away was a couple of days in Liverpool to see my cousin. As Liverpool isn't too far from where I'm from and with my cousin (& her family) living close I've lost count how many times I've been. But nonetheless it was a lovely few days and it stayed sunny! 
Blogwise; I shared a lot of outfits (must have been shopping too much, again!) - here's some highlights:

July was a mix of emotions, both elation because my cousin who I have grown up with got engaged (there's only 3 weeks between us!) and happiness at the fact me and my friend booked a weeks holiday to Berlin. Also, I managed to code Blog Eighteens own domain, ok I may have phoned the GoDaddy helpline but it turns out I had done everything right.. so since July its been a little achievement for me to have sitting pretty in the web bar.
Of course, July was really all about gearing up to finish my full-time job. I was leaving the world of full-time office, 9 to 5 and a rigid routine.. My blog took a bit of a back seat but by the time the end of the month rolled around, I drank 2 bottles of free Prosecco at my leaving-do and I had a whole summer ahead of me, it was great.

August, with all the time in the world, I visited Paris with my mum as an early 21st birthday present and it was beyond amazing. This is another blog post (series) I often look back on and smile (see: here) We visited all the favourites Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees and Jardin du Luxembourg - I'm smiling thinking of it.  One week later, my friend and I went to Berlin and again, had a great time. It was full of funny memories and exploring, the Berlin Wall definitely took me aback, but I'm so glad I can tick it off my bucket list (see post: here) Of course, during the whole of August I blogged (near enough) everyday which was quite a great achievement for me - in hindsight probably the last time in about 3 months I've blogged consistently, sorry about that... uni happened! And so I ended the month packing for my said move to University and I was ECSTATIC.

And so the 10th of September was upon me. The move to university was upon me and I was absolutely excited beyond words. There were a little nerves, a little apprehension. But as soon as I settled into university life, it soon had been a week already and was my 21st birthday - talk about everything happening at once! The months September to December have probably been my happiest, I've made great friends, loved my course and been to London so many times for trips out that I've lost count how many. It has been great. My blog posts may have been a bit sparse but that's life, I have an actual great social life, so sometimes being properly online is an after thought.

.. and there we are, a little round up of 2017. A year were it can definitely be said that 'everything turned out ok in the end'. For 2018, I'm determined to say, when the clock ticks midnight into 2019 - that 2018 was my year. 18 has always been my lucky number so I'm making it my mission for it to be great, wish me luck!


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