My Colour Palette for Winter

// M Y  C O L O U R  P A L E T T E  F O R  W I N T E R \\

Saying I have a specific 'colour palette' for this winter is a little of a sweeping statement; I of course wear an array of colours. But, in todays post I wanted to write about the colours I seem to have been turning to in the last few weeks. With the weather now officially COLD, trying to say fashionable whilst simultaneously keeping warm enough not to freeze to death in the icy winds has been a challenge. But with the handful of jumpers and layers (and layers) of clothing, dressing for the weather with the help of a colour palette of mostly Cream, Pink and the odd Burnt Orange/Red, winter dressing has seemed a success.. even if my ankles have been numb a few times. 


I'll admit, I am a little of a clothing hoarder. As much as I love a streamlined wardrobe (which I am working on) I do tend to really want to hold on to clothes. Take the chunky knit cream jumper I've had for about 2 year now. I have worn it in the past but seem to be reluctant to wear it because I'm absolutely melting in it when I do. BUT, fast forward a good year since I've worn it properly and it back to being my go to jumper. Cream is one of those colours you cannot go wrong with, it matches everything, its versatile and quite festive in a way (especially with reds!) 

In the same sense, Burnt Orange and Red has been a go to - how can it not be this time of year?1 Even if I have absolutely fallen back in love with Fuchsia/Barbie Pink, I find I always dress according to the shade of lipstick I want to wear that day. If I'm in the mood for a pink shade - the fushica pink is out (or my uh-mazing Zara corduroy dusky pink trousers above - they've had a lorra love) or as I've wrote about before in my aptly named blog post 'Pink Addict' I've given my pink tee a lot of wear since I snapped it up off Depop. The palette has been Red, Burnt Orange and Pink, mixed with Cream this December!

Anyhoo, I finally got round to writing a little fashion post. I do realise its been about 2 weeks since anything's happened on this lil blog, but with Uni work and an actually social life (I know... I actually have one of those now!) my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. BUT, with being home for Christmas now, I have had a sudden urge to blog or 'content create' - I just miss it a bit, because I've loved nothing more recently than reading back on what I've done in the past.. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, so even looking back at my Blogmas efforts of last year has made me crave blogging again. There's nothing like a little break to give you back that lost motivation! 


[lol thanks to my photographer mum for the high quality image below in our hotel in London HAHA]

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