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Now you may think that the top image is a little jazzier than usually for this blog - I don't usually put an image on a colourful background and badly do some kind of typography, do I? BUT, I'll be honest, being inspired by the people of Instagram (specifically their stories!) I thought, why not bring a little colour to a usual normal photo... As you can see the theme of todays post is pink, this is most definitely not the first time. I picked up a t-shirt off Depop last week, a tee with the aptly name slogan 'pink addict', I mean when I saw it I thought to myself 'if the shoe fits..', having received it earlier in the week I can honest say its my new favourite item in my wardrobe. So what better way to commemorate this? Blog about it of course!
With the changing of the weather, I mean is it COLD outside now.. COLD, I seem be struggling with winter clothes. I've been through a long face of phase over Summer and Autumn of wearing three quarter trousers or jeans. Now its suddenly minus 1 every morning, my ankles aren't too happy. But hey, I'm not blogging today to moan about the cold.. I have a new t-shirt I want to share (sometimes I do question how interesting this blog of mine is HAHA) 

As I said, I bought it off Depop last week and have absolutely fallen in LOVE with it. I'm always a stickler for the colour pink. Whether that be the dusky pink shades I've turned to lately, or your pure barbie pink of this tee (the occasional millennial pink never goes a miss either) - being a 'Pink Addict' is very much suited. I'd previously never bought off Depop before, but it so convenient and I'll be honest, I feel a little better of a person knowing I'm buying second hand has apposed to the whole 'fast fashion' movement. I'm both loving a tee that would have otherwise been left unloved and helping the environment (well sort of anyway!) 

All together I've worn it 2 different ways this week; pictured above when out in London - posing only ever so slightly ~awkward~ underneath a Christmassy wreath.. and to uni a few days back. I may only be a simple t-shirt but boy do I love it in my wardrobe.. the colour of Christmas may be red, but why not a little pink, every so often?!

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