Snippets of a Festive London..

/ / A  F E S T I V E  L O N D O N \\

Now, as you may have seen by now I'm lucky enough to be going to University very near London. I simply have to hop on a train and 40 minutes later I'm magically in the Capital. So visiting London has become somewhat of a weekly thing amongst me and my friends. BUT, over the weekend I had my mum come down to London for a festive few days (before helping me with all my luggage to come home from uni for Christmas!) So, with playing the tourist over the weekend I thought I'd compile all my snaps and show you the festivities we got up to..


Of course whilst we were in London, we HAD to visit all the main areas, Oxford Street for all the main shops (not that, surprisingly, I spent a lot!), Covent Garden because it generally just a lovely place to see (the first photo in this post was in the food court area) and Liberty because I'm always in ore at how beautiful it is.. I even went in this time (and as magical as it is, it was very busy!)

One 'thing' we did whilst there that I hadn't visited previously was The Shard. I of course have seen it so many times (how can you not, its bloody huge!) but never had I been inside. I'd seen so many people on Instagram visit the restaurants/stay the night and the view seemed incredible. We visited the viewing area on something like the 72 floor.. safe to say, despite me not being that good when it comes to heights, the view was absolutely insane. We went mid-morning, had a glass of Champagne (of course.. its Christmas) and took in the view.

Later we visited the Kings Road and grabbed a quick lunch before our journey home to North Wales!

[Me & Mumma Bear <3] 

Whilst we were in London, my mum decided to treat us and stay in The Grosvenor Hotel, right in Victoria (in the train station itself theres a link corridor to the hotel.. extremely convenient HAHA!) It was literally the hotel of dreams. As you walked into the foyer you were greeted with the most incredible chandelier and a Christmas tree that you dream of having. Plus, what was more exciting for me was the fact the room had a Nespresso machine, not going to lie I did use all the pods up that were complimentary.. I do love coffee, I do.

And there we are! My festive snippets of London over last weekend. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and may the next few days be filled with lots of food, lots of laughter and joy (& lots of Prosecco if you're me!) Merry Christmas oxoxo



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