Making 2018 My Year

// M A K I N G  2 0 1 8  M Y  Y E A R \\

The number 18 has always been my lucky number. Its the date of my birthday in September. The date of my mum's in March and my close cousins in February. Its the number my Nain (grandma) lives at and its even the number of my blog (but that's solely based on lack of inspiration for blog names back in 2014 HAHA).. Weirdly too, 18 is in my new university halls postcode. I've always considered 18 my favourite number. So, when the clock struck midnight and 2018 was upon me, I suddenly thought 2018 has to be a luckly year.. has to be. I mean I started the year with a bad Fever followed by Tonsillitis which is quite ironic because that's incredibly unlucky. BUT, now I'm back to full health (& back in routine at uni) I'm setting myself some incredibly vague goals.. but realistic. Small ways I actually want this year to go (& hopefully will) Besides, what better time then '18, huh? 
Back at the start of last year, I wrote a post named 'Re-Read in December' where I listed around 5 things I wanted to achieve. Of course, rewinding a year I had big life events like leaving my full-time job, moving to university halfway across the country.. pretty dramatic goals really! But this year, of course is very much down a few notches. 

What I did pledge to myself was to not do anything I really didn't want to do. Of course, being a people-pleaser, it can be difficult, but generally last year I stuck to it pretty well. This is one thing I want to carry on this year. Similarly, if I want to do anything, don't let anything stop you. Being quite an independent person I enjoy my own company, so strolling off in Central London on my own doesn't phase me. Or going for a walk, I very much enjoy it. Building on this, this year is key; if my friends are busy, don't let something it want to do stop me!
On a lighter note, 3 things I need to tick off this year are: 

-Get a Fringe (as I write this I can say TICK; got myself a snazzy new 'do!!) 

- Get a Tattoo; something I literally have been going on about for nearly a year. I must be really getting on my friends nervous because its being one of those things I mention then suddenly I've forgotten and its 2 months later! I know exactly what and exactly where on my body I want it.. I just REALLY need to get my arse in gear and book it!

-Start Running Again; in 2017 I told myself I wasn't going to force myself to run like I had the previous year.. so I didn't. But turn over into 2018 and I have that urge to start running regularly again. Nothing drastic. A park run once a week will be enough, I just feel like it'd be good for me!

That's all the goals I really want to set this year. I'm already 1/3 of the way there so not doing too badly! I feel setting unrealistic, too hard to reach goals are never motivating for me. Small and realistic is the way forward! 

In general, with life in university being generally really great and my life pretty structured this year, I have the little things to look forward to. Meaning, more days out in London, taking more time to relax on those Homesick days, looking after my skin, learning to cook more homemade meals. Life is what you make of it and if I want 2018 to be my year then that's exactly what I'll make it.. well I can try at least!



  1. Great post! I hope you can accomplish all these goals in 2018 - I believe in you! :)
    Jenna <3
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