Sentimental Value

 // S E N T I M E N T A L  V A L U E \ \

In a world of endless clothes buying, fast fashion and reckless spending (or is that just me?) how many pieces in your wardrobe would you say you cherish? Do you have anything inparticular you know you'll never part with, pass on to your (hopefully) daughter (or even granddaughter?) I have to say, if I were lucky enough to have endless designer items of value, then yes perhaps. I mean I have the odd accessories piece I paid an arm and leg for which will never leave me EVER. But, up until this Christmas, I'd never really had a item of clothing that had any meaning, any value. So, I went about changing that..

Yes, I changed that. I asked my Nain (grandma), who's an absolutely queen of a woman who is a dab hand at the ol' knitting needles, if she'd knit me a chunky cardigan. Of course, she was more than happy to have a project to fill her time. Being honest, a knitted cardigan like this might once have been considered old fashioned, but I'm absolutely in love with it and guess what? whilst scrolling Facebook a couple of days back, River Island had an extremely simpler version of this (in Pink) - I'm sure you can imagine the saving I've made on this!

As happy as I am with my new cardigan, I love it even more because now its always going to be extremely sentimental, its always going to remind me of my grandma. She of course is delighted everytime I've walked into her house wearing it and I'm happy how happy she looks. This'll genuinely be a cardigan I'll cherish for a very very long time.


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