Snippets of.. Amsterdam

//S N I P P E T S  O F.. A M S T E R D A M\\
Remember a few posts back I said I wanted 2018 to be a great year, well having a little city break getaway to Amsterdam a few weeks into the new year sure counts towards it so far being great? Well I certainly think so. Last week, during our uni reading week, me and my four friends took ourselves away for a four day break and well a truly had a great time. With all the pretty canals and streets there was plenty to see so I've compiled all my favourite snippets into one post for you all to see (but more so for me to look back on!), enjoy!

Credit to Ruq for the photo above!

The Book List #10 | Two in One.

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T  #10\\
I feel like, no matter how many 'to-do lists' or New Years resolutions I make about 'reading more books' I'll never be the sort of person to constantly find themselves deep in a book. I do love to read, but I'm the sort of person that can also go weeks without even touching one.. safe to say its good job this isn't a book review blog (is that what you'd call it?!) ALAS, today I have not one, but two books to tell 'ya about. Because, despite what I've just said, I've completed two of late... ok it might have taken me about 5 months to read the first one (oops) but nevertheless, I finally completed it. So sit back and let me tell you about 'Holding Up The Universe' by Jennifer Nivan and 'An Abundance of Katherines' by John Green (and if you don't fancy reading about these, this is your chance to run haha!) 

My Treasured Pastel Nail Shades

// M Y  T R E A S U R E D  P A S T E L  N A I L  S H A D E S \\

As it gets closer and closer to Spring, my excitement levels grow more and more, purely because I can start wearing the prettiest shades fo them all. My favourite shades since god knows when.. PASTELS. Pushing aside the dark reds, dark greens... dark everythings of the season previous, pastels in Spring bring new life to any wardrobe, it makes for a fresh start and has that crisp feel. Lately, I've pick out the pastels from my rather extensive nail polish collection and worn them, with a lot of love, on my nails. This has only made me more excited for the season coming up. I wanted to talk through some of my favourite pastel nail varnishes I've worn the past week and generally give a few suggestions for polishes that may not be still on the market, because despite my nail varnish collection being large, some are embarrassingly old by now.. that doesn't mean there aren't exact copies out there, if the world runs out of pastel nail shades, it would be a very sad day!

Snippets of.. Camden Town

// S N I P P E T S  O F.. C A M D E N  T O W N \\
Here I go again, taking another solo trip to another part of London I've never been to before, when did I become this independent?! Yesterday, I visited North London to Camden, a place I've heard my friends rave about but never had I been. What did I think? Great for photos but ever so slightly intimidating for someone on their own (was it the fact it was busy? because it was a Saturday? Who knows but with company I know I'd love it a lot more!) Although, I got some great snaps during my wander around.. turns out despite the factor it was pouring with rain, the white cloud made for AMAZING lighting! You've just got to love London sometimes, haven't you?!

Finding Inspiration to Write & Other Things in January..

// J A N U A R Y \\

Its a funny thing, this blogging malarkey. Recently, I have really let it go. Barely even thinking about it. Generally, the thought of having to take photos, whatever related, and write would be the last of my priorities. Uni work and visiting 'Spoons being more up the list (lol) Well the past few days, this motivation to blog has come back and suddenly I want to write about aaaaall the things. So, yano what I'm doing, yeah you go it, writing a blog post! I found the inspiration to write again in January so let me talk you through a few things that have happened in the first month of the year.. I'll give you a hint to one of them, its that thing covering my forehead in the pictures HAHA.. you guessed it yet?