Finding Inspiration to Write & Other Things in January..

// J A N U A R Y \\

Its a funny thing, this blogging malarkey. Recently, I have really let it go. Barely even thinking about it. Generally, the thought of having to take photos, whatever related, and write would be the last of my priorities. Uni work and visiting 'Spoons being more up the list (lol) Well the past few days, this motivation to blog has come back and suddenly I want to write about aaaaall the things. So, yano what I'm doing, yeah you got it, writing a blog post! I found the inspiration to write again in January so let me talk you through a few things that have happened in the first month of the year.. I'll give you a hint to one of them, its that thing covering my forehead in the pictures HAHA.. you guessed it yet?
If you read my previous blog post (how long ago was that now, oops) I mentioned a few things I wanted done this year. Well, in January I finally got a fringe! Albeit I did ask the hairdresser for a 'wispy' fringe and got a very full fringe, I've grown to love it and now feel it brings so much more shape to my face. Really, it was a blessing in disguise that the hairdresser miss understood my wishes ha!  In the same sense, I've finally begun something else I mentioned in my 'Making 2018 My Year' post; began running. Ok I say this, me and my friend started with a half a mile run round the park which slowly killed us both. Its a start and something to work on, I'm never going to be marathon fit but would love to be able to run at least a couple of mile; watch this space.

In January, me and my uni friends booked something extremely exiting; AMSTERDAM! We've booked a 4 day trip during reading week and I'm absolutely beyond excited. I love nothing more than seeing knew places, I'm literally counting down the days aaaah. I plan on taking aaall the photos which will mean one thing; more blog posts planned! I have to say, my most favourite posts to look back on on this blog are my travel 'snippets' I often looked back at Edinburgh/Paris etc. seeing what I got up to, seeing what I wrote about.  This will only spur me on to 100% have a snippets post of my up and coming trip, which just makes it that bit more exciting!

January really has had its highs. On a more realistic note, I have had a bout of tonsillitis as well as a cold, so in that sense its been a little crappy. But all is forgotten now. What spurred me on to write this post was a combination of really missing blogging, like really missing the thing on the whole, with the fact that this week we had a camera lessons in uni. This really ignited something inside me, I may be incredibly, well, shit as photography but I'm always willing to learn more haha! I really hope this month I can get this blog back on track in some ways, maybe this will be difficult but I can try.. again, what this space.


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