My Treasured Pastel Nail Shades

// M Y  T R E A S U R E D  P A S T E L  N A I L  S H A D E S \\

As it gets closer and closer to Spring, my excitement levels grow more and more, purely because I can start wearing the prettiest shades fo them all. My favourite shades since god knows when.. PASTELS. Pushing aside the dark reds, dark greens... dark everythings of the season previous, pastels in Spring bring new life to any wardrobe, it makes for a fresh start and has that crisp feel. Lately, I've pick out the pastels from my rather extensive nail polish collection and worn them, with a lot of love, on my nails. This has only made me more excited for the season coming up. I wanted to talk through some of my favourite pastel nail varnishes I've worn the past week and generally give a few suggestions for polishes that may not be still on the market, because despite my nail varnish collection being large, some are embarrassingly old by now.. that doesn't mean there aren't exact copies out there, if the world runs out of pastel nail shades, it would be a very sad day!

The five shades above on my nails are:

Next 'Nudist Beach' (not available: similar)  
Next 'Pearl Barley' (not available: similar)  

I'll be honest, this whole nail look wasn't planned. I was simply undecided on the shade of polish I wanted and tried my 5 shades of polish I own.. who knew they would make such a pretty look, eh?! On the whole, these 3 separate nail brands I would all rate very highly. The NailsInc polishes being know for their good quality.. I actually got the 'Palace Gardens' shade in a magazine a few years ago and have been surprised how such a pretty shade was free haha! The shade is a pale turquoise and looks so lovely on the nails, its very striking and even makes the nail beds look a lot longer then they are (especially for someone like me who struggles to grow their nails very long!) the same goes for the two light white/ cream shades. The NailsInc shade from the Victoria Beckham collaboration a few years ago is so complimenting, look so elegant for when you're not feeling the vibrant shades.

The white tippex-like shade I was gifted from Roxanne Campbell (last summer I think it was now!) is so lovely in summer, making anyone look just that little more tanned. But for these end-of-winter-nearly-spring-times looks so lovely too. Plus this formula is so good for not chipping!

Finally, the two polishes from Next I own in the pink-nude and light pinky cream; they may be a little more cheap and certainly don't last a great length of time without chipping are still incredibly great! Its just a shame Next don't seem to have a large collection of shades they produce. I must have only had these a couple of years but they only tend to do packs of 4 each season. Like I said, these two shades were from a pack a couple of years ago, but have lasted well without drying up!



  1. These colours are gorgeous! Love that springs getting closer so can wear pastels!
    Jasmine |

    1. Aren’t they! I cannot wait for the upcoming season, YAY x