Snippets of.. Amsterdam

//S N I P P E T S  O F.. A M S T E R D A M\\
Remember a few posts back I said I wanted 2018 to be a great year, well having a little city break getaway to Amsterdam a few weeks into the new year sure counts towards it so far being great? Well I certainly think so. Last week, during our uni reading week, me and my four friends took ourselves away for a four day break and well a truly had a great time. With all the pretty canals and streets there was plenty to see so I've compiled all my favourite snippets into one post for you all to see (but more so for me to look back on!), enjoy!

Credit to Ruq for the photo above!
Photo taken by ma main girl Sarah!
I feel like, with posts like this the pictures speak for themselves - Amsterdam was scattered with amazing streets, the endless stream of canals (pun intended) and bikes... so.many.bikes. Its such a unique place, so much to it. Ok, it may not have been the best for food and if (like me) you don't like all the ~funky~ smells, this may hamper your visit, but only ever so slightly. I think Amsterdam is a place everyone should visit once, besides from London Gatwick it took us a 50 minutes! 

Whilst there, the places we visited included the 'I AMsterdam' sign (you've probably seen the one, in the red and white writing!), a Banksy Exhibition (highly recommended), The Red Light District (very very interesting HA), a Tulip Market and generally just wondered the endless pretty streets. 

As I said, Amsterdam isn't the best for food. Whilst I was there, all together we had Italian, Indonesian, Chinese amongst other cuisines - not many dutch classics haha! We did had pancakes for breakfast one morning which were delightful in Pancake Corner as well as stumbling across an incredibly Instagrammable cafe called VINNIES where I had the nicest pouched egg on toast. 

On the Whole, we had such a lovely few days; definitely the best way to spend our reading week haha!

Photo (also) taken by Sarah oxo

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