Snippets of.. Camden Town

// S N I P P E T S  O F.. C A M D E N  T O W N \\
Here I go again, taking another solo trip to another part of London I've never been to before, when did I become this independent?! Yesterday, I visited North London to Camden, a place I've heard my friends rave about but never had I been. What did I think? Great for photos but ever so slightly intimidating for someone on their own (was it the fact it was busy? because it was a Saturday? Who knows but with company I know I'd love it a lot more!) Although, I got some great snaps during my wander around.. turns out despite the factor it was pouring with rain, the white cloud made for AMAZING lighting! You've just got to love London sometimes, haven't you?!

The area itself was very 'edgy' and 'cool', something I wouldn't really consider myself personally - HAHA! But, generally it was a whole different side to London I hadn't seen before, with all the colour, life and wall hangings. Was very different indeed. It was a shame really it was raining so much when I was there, because I could have wondered about a lot longer, seeing a lot more of the place. But, it was extremely busy too, so combining this with the fact I was alone, I was there around an hour and left. 

I hope to go back there again with company because I really feel like I'll enjoy it so much more (when its not raining that is!) The endless stream of food stalls (and amazing Urban Outfitters) makes for a great day out. 

Camden Town - officially ticked off my list!


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