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// T H E  B O O K  L I S T  #10\\
I feel like, no matter how many 'to-do lists' or New Years resolutions I make about 'reading more books' I'll never be the sort of person to constantly find themselves deep in a book. I do love to read, but I'm the sort of person that can also go weeks without even touching one.. safe to say its good job this isn't a book review blog (is that what you'd call it?!) ALAS, today I have not one, but two books to tell 'ya about. Because, despite what I've just said, I've completed two of late... ok it might have taken me about 5 months to read the first one (oops) but nevertheless, I finally completed it. So sit back and let me tell you about 'Holding Up The Universe' by Jennifer Nivan and 'An Abundance of Katherines' by John Green (and if you don't fancy reading about these, this is your chance to run haha!) 
Having previously read a book by the author a good few years ago, I was excited to start this book, besides I had it as a present off a friend a good 2 years ago so was about time I started.  The story revolves around 2 characters; both in high school (I want to say they were both 16) both having something about them. Set in America, Libby Strout was America's Fattest Teen, stemming from overeating following the passing of her mother. Having been cut out of her own home, she's back at school and has a lot of demons to face (and they're just the girls at school!). The second character is Jack, the typical popular boy, everyone loves him and has the personality everyone falls for. But unlike Libby, his issue cannot be seen, he has a condition were he can't remember faces. He sees features, but even with his own family he struggles to remember who "the woman is with the brown hair' (even it being his own mother) The story goes back a forth between the two characters and is a typical high school story of their trails and tribulations.

I'll be honest, this book confirmed something to me. It confirmed that I've finally grown out of the whole young adult, 'high school drama' stories. I feel like this is what was the reason it took me so long to read. Its a little too cliché, a little too predictable. I'm a person who likes an easy read, but this was a little too easy. If you're 18 years old or under, this would be the perfect pick up, but fast forward a couple of years and I just couldn't say it was the sort of book I was gripped reading. This isn't to dwell on the fact it is a great book, it showed a more complex side to the characters, they weren't perfect which made it a whole lot different to some books. It was just the sort of book I've grown out of - besides, I left 'high school' years ago by now.. if we're talking year 11 that was about 5 years ago! Anyway, for someone in their 20's this book may not be for you - but anyone under that it really would be a great read!



In contrast, a 'young adult' book I absolutely could not put down was the second book in this blog post; An Abundance of Katherines. Written by the author of The Fault in Our Stars (you surely have heard of the film) I picked up this little treasure for 50p at a National Trust coffee shop before Christmas. It turned out to be an extremely well spend 50p as despite the very simplistic story line, the book at a lot of heart and was genuinely interesting (and very clever) 

It centred around two boys; Colin (the main character of the book) and his best friend Hassan. Colin is a former child prodigy and has a love girls with the names (specially spelt) Katherine. The story revolves around the two boys going on a roundtrip from their family homes of Chicago and being taken in by family in a rural area of Tennessee. The plot revolves around the two boys lives in this area, with the family (specifically the daughter Lindsey) and the sub plot that runs throughout is Colin efforts at developing a Therom based up his previous 19 relationships with all the Katherines, attempting to creating a formula that can predict the arc of any relationship. 

Its an extremely clever read. Not too clever where you loose understanding, because everything is explained in footnotes in a very comical way. I found I enjoyed this more as it was far from any romantic, predictable nonsense I have grown to find irritable amongst young adult books. The characters were genuine and I found I couldn't put the book down once I got into it - something I have not had for a long time. 
I would highly recommend this book as its both a breezy, easy read but it has so much substance and really has you laughing as well as learning quite a few things along the way - definitely worth the read!



  1. I've been told quite a few good things about Holding Up the Universe but it's a shame that maybe it's a bit too young for my age! I love John Green books though so will have to give that one a read xx

    Jasmine |

    1. Yeah Holding up the Universe was a good book, just I'd definitely grown out of that type of book! I'd heard so much about John Green, so was so happy this book was so good - thank you for the comment! x