Layering Playsuits for Unpredictable UK Weather

//  L A Y E R I N G  F O R  U N P R E D I C T A B L E  W E A T H E R\\
This is a collaborative post but all writing and opinions are my own!

Aaaah the British weather, one minute we're jumping for joy at the sight of the sun, next thing we know we're reluctantly digging out the winter coat to fight the chill. Its an inevitable thing in this country which can make choosing what (and how) to wear clothes just that bit more tricky.
One piece of clothing I just love to wear during the Summer, when the sun is actually shining is a Playsuit. For the days when the beach is calling and bare legs are a necessity, there's nothing better. In today's post I wanted to show a few ways I love to style a playsuit, but for those days when you can't quite be sure it'll be warm enough.. you're legs may be out but how to cover those goose bumps? Well, these are a couple of my suggestions. 

Pink Trousers & Bunny Ears

// P I N K  T R O U S E R S  &  B U N N Y  E A R S \\

Pink Trousers. They're not for everyone, but they're certainly the ones for me. With us being deep into Spring and on the cusp of Summer, it was time I brought a little colour to my wardrobe. I'll admit, I'm never one for an all black and grey colour palette, but with the long dark winter, the pastels and brights have always been on the back burner. It's only really been the last couple of months that my wardrobe has brightened up. Having spotted these bright trousers all along the high street, it was ASOS' overing of high-waisted-cigarette pink trousers that caught my eye. Thinking they'd be a bugger to style, I've actually worn them a good few times in the past few weeks and boy are they getting a lot more wears in the coming months..