Layering Playsuits for Unpredictable UK Weather

//  L A Y E R I N G  F O R  U N P R E D I C T A B L E  W E A T H E R\\
This is a collaborative post but all writing and opinions are my own!

Aaaah the British weather, one minute we're jumping for joy at the sight of the sun, next thing we know we're reluctantly digging out the winter coat to fight the chill. Its an inevitable thing in this country which can make choosing what (and how) to wear clothes just that bit more tricky.
One piece of clothing I just love to wear during the Summer, when the sun is actually shining is a Playsuit. For the days when the beach is calling and bare legs are a necessity, there's nothing better. In today's post I wanted to show a few ways I love to style a playsuit, but for those days when you can't quite be sure it'll be warm enough.. you're legs may be out but how to cover those goose bumps? Well, these are a couple of my suggestions. 

Before thinking about how to layer up a Playsuit, there's the decision where to shop for them. Warehouse for example is a great staple pick, somewhere I have found myself shopping at on more than one occasion. Their selection of playsuits which combine comfort with a sprinkling of elegance. Some favourites including a couple of beautiful linen numbers that wouldn't look out of place wondering down the streets of the Champs Elysees.

Another high street store to note for me lately is Bershka; they seem to be killing it with their summer selection; with this linen number giving me serious heart eyes! Also, having popped into New Look lately, they really seem to have it cover with their lines; definitely worth a look! 

Onto the layering. With me already having an abundance of various playsuits in my wardrobe, I feel over the years I learnt just how to style them so to not be freezing. The first way I love is to have a long sleeve top underneath. Pairing my pink striped playsuit from Next, with a long sleeved white top, the intricate detail of the sleeves gives the whole look a very chic and girly look I feel. Adding lace or patterned sleeves to a playsuit can both tone it down but jazz it up in another sense as it adds a little more detail, but extremely suitably.
A second look I have pieced together is my blue patterned playsuit, but this time with a white shirt, tied together at the front. Lately, I have really been appreciating the simplicity of a white shirt. Never had I realised just how versatile they are. With the white shirt, as it is so plain it does not pull focus away from the playsuit and with the tie at the front, gives it this relaxed vibe. Over the past few months, I've used this shirt too many times to count as a cover up to an outfit. Many a time have I worn a, let's say, rather revealing night out outfit, but throwing on a shirt as a cover up, keeps my dignity in tacked as well as vitally covering up my arms from the cold!


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