In A Right Ruffle

// I N  A  R I G H T  R U F F L E \\

More often then not, I'll buy an outfit (or even put an outfit together) and think "yeah it's a bit weird.. but I like it"- It's honestly quite funny just how many times this phrase leaves my mouth.. well the outfit in todays post is no different. A two-piece lilac number fresh from Tu at Sainsburys nonetheless - I know right; how many times have you answered 'Sainsburys' when someone asked where your outfit is from?! With their latest Graduate Fashion Week collection just launched, the minute I saw the advert pop up on Instagram for it, I was instantly besotted with this 60's inspired ruffles... 

[Top: Tu Clothing | Skirt: Tu Clothing & Shoes: Zara (similar)]

From what I understand, every year Sainsburys conduct a competition for up-and-coming designers to win the chance for their designs to come to life, this years collection being from young designer Laura Gillings. The collection is described as being "inspired by one of the most impactful fashion eras" and I certainly think with massive ruffles down either side, you're certainly making an impact! 

Desipte the outfit seeming to look like a dress, it is cleverly designed as a two piece. With the two garments costing £45.00 for both, my bank account really was not damaged too much at all - when you compare what you can get in Topshop for the same price, this really was a bargain! - What I love about this two piece is the fact, in future, I'll be able to mix and match the top or skirt with other clothes.. for the days I'm not feeling like dressing quite as bold! On the whole, this really is one of my favourite new pieces in my wardrobe and with it being in such a light material I look forward to seeing what else I can mix them with over the summer. 


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