JULY: Bought, Did, Tried & Tested

//J U L Y: B O U G H T, D I D, T R I E D  &  T E S T E D\\

Since its been a couple of weeks since my last post, I thought a little catchup post was in order. July so far, despite the fact it has just FLOWN (anyone else feel this too?!) has been packed full of great things, I've accomplished a great milestone in my running, bought a few beauty goodies and been one hell of a good festival with one of my best friends. So without further a-do, continue reading to find out about all this great stuff and we will continue onwards and upwards towards August.. how the hell we're nearly in the eighth month of the year is beyond me, but let's all roll with it!

First, I'll mention my running milestone! On the 18th of July I took part in my first ever 5K. I've previous done a few charity Race for Life' races for Cancer Research, but this race was a proper adult 5K. Of course, for some this distance is a walk in the park, but for me it was quite the challenge - but I proudly did it in 28 minutes 10 seconds, a time I was over the moon with! Since, completing it, I've had a bit of a running bug and have now signed up to do a 7K race in a couple of weeks time.. wish e luck!

The absolute highlight of this month had to be my trip to Truck Festival with one of my best friends, Hannah. It was a festival in Didcot, Oxfordshire and had headliners such as George Ezra and Courtneers. We had an absolutely great weekend, drunk a lot of Rose and just had the funniest time. Literally, if I could re-do a weekend right now, it would be that one!

As far as 'Bought, Tried & Tested' the Moroccan Oil hair masque is the first one. As I had more blonde put in the ends of my hair a few weeks back, I'd noticed it'd started to go a little dry. I bought this off Feel Unique and have so far used it once. This is more of a 'tried and tested' product because I need to use it a definite 2-3 more times before forming an opinion, but I do think it helped on the first use, because after washing my hair, usually when it drys its a little frizzy but this has magically disappeared! Watch this space, because if this is some miracle masque I've discovered I'll be shouting from the hills...  Another hair related thing is the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Shampoo. In the same sense, as my hair is more blonde now, I don't want it turning back to a yellow colour it once was. I've used this a good few times now and it does seem to helping aid the colour. Very impressed I must say.

In terms of Beauty, I've picked up the Nailberry Holy Grail Nail Bonder this month and so far cannot say a bad word. It's more of a 'does what it says on the tin' product - clear nail varnish, drys quick and seems to be helping my nails be less, well, shit. Can't ask for more really.  The fragrance I've loved in July was actually a present off my mum when she came back from Greece at the start of the month. The Hugo Boss fragrance 'Boss Ma Vie' being a very light, floral scent that I tend to spritz on before heading to work. Its not a scent that is too heavy as if I'm about to hit the club, so works well as a day time fragrance.

Finally, is a foundation I picked up a few months back but have used a lot more in July. The Lancome  'Teint Idole Ultra Wear' foundation. As its a very matte formula, I find its been great at hiding the inevitable shiny face I develop when the temperature is anything above 20 degrees. Its not too heavy on the skin, but as I'm pale and this is a perfect match, I have to bronze up quite a bit so I don't resemble Casper! I have to say I really am pleased with this foundation and as its in such a pretty bottle, I'm pleased its so aesthetically pleasing on my dressing table - this is always a amazing bonus!



  1. Well done for the 5k, the time you did it in is so good- good luck for the 7k I'm sure you'll smash it!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you!! Hopefully I’ll smash it in some way, I’m excited but nervous at the same time haha xx

  2. Congratulations on your 5K that's seriously amazing, I couldn't ever imagine running that distance! I need to get myself a silver shampoo as I have balayaged hair and in the Summer it has just been going a little more yellow and less natural looking, and have heard great things about ProVoke! xx


    1. Thank you girl! Yeah the shampoo is really great for me, I’ll try anything to not let my hair go back yellow-y so I’m over the moon this seems to be working! xx