June Picks & Favourites

// J U N E  P I C K S  &  F A V O U R I T E S \\

Well hello there again, I'm back on the blog today to talk about some recent purchases I've picked up lately which have quickly become treasured favourites. Some I have had sitting pretty for a fair few weeks, some being delivered since a matter of days. But nonetheless, all my picks from the month of June. As you can tell already, I have quite a taste in specific colour schemes when it comes to buying certain things - some would think I only buy items if they have shades of pink or cream in.. in some ways I don't think its so  far from the truth..! 

Before discussing the bits pictured, June was filled with things that can't quite be pictured in a flat lay. For example, a definite favourite of mine was the fact I secured a summer job. As I'm home on Anglesey for a few months, I got myself a little seaside cafe job - I started about 2 weeks ago and work with a great bunch, so here's to being productive this summer and saving allllll that dollar dollar HAHA. Of course, adding to this favourites list has to be my two exciting trips I had in June (which I'm sure I've mentioned previously) Magaluf and Dublin - both were great great trips away, filled with the funniest memories. June really has been a great month in essence!

Some other favourites of the month, that are pictured include some skincare in the shape of Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisturiser - I picked up this dreamy product in Space NK Dublin, having spotted it on Instagram a few months back. It's the lightest moisturiser I've ever used, with a little going a very long way and generally sinks into the skin beautifully. I agree, for £42 (or €48 I paid) it's a pricy purchase but for the amount you actually need, I feel this will last a very long while.

One of the many (many) books I've picked up lately is The F Word by Lily Pebbles - I seem to have quite an obsession lately with book-buying, The F Word being one on a long list of either books I've bought or am going to buy. This specific book, has been on my mind to buy since Lily announced she was writing it! I've loved her YouTube channel for so long and with me nearly finished reading my current book, this is the one I'm onto next (and I cannot wait!) 

Finally is two pairs of shoes I've picked up from ASOS. Having finally parted with a beloved pair of brown Primark sandals I'd had for about 6 years (after I came back off holiday I realised how wrecked they were - they had to go!) I realised I really only had one pair of proper sandals and they were black (I've always been poor at buying shoes for some reason) So, I was in need of some summer shoes that'd go with most outfits. Both the Pom Pom Sandals and the Embroidered Espadrilles seem incredibly versatile, having worn both a couple of times since buying them, they seem to fit perfectly and only rub slightly (it is incredible hot at the moment, so it's a given this will happen!) 


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