The Book List #13 | Kismet

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T #13 | K I S M E T \\

It's quite ironic that the thirteenth 'book list' post of mine is going to be a negative one. Well, that's being a little hasty, this was not a bad book, not a bad one at all. There were just a few things that stopped it being brilliant for me. Off the back of two books I've read that were absolutely outstanding I couldn't help but feel this book fell short in some ways. Really, its hard for me to put my finger on why this is but little things added up and despite the fact it wasn't a struggle to finish it - once I did I was glad to put it back on the book shelf....

It's centred around two things; the main character Anna, a woman edging on 30 who is unhappily living her life with partner Pete in Kilburn, London. With her day to day life involving working in Journalism, she is deeply unhappy, with her job and with her relationship. This is were the second 'thing' comes in that the book is centred on; Kismet, a dating app which in premise to real life, is probably best described as a mix of Tinder and Snapmaps. With Kismet, you gain matches from people that are also using the app around you and using personal data it provides a score of how compatible you are to that person. From what I gather throughout the story a good 'score' is 70+, anything under and you should not even bother in getting to know them!

As the story develops, the entire focus is on Anna, the ups and downs of various goings on in her life and her continuous involvement with Kismet.

On the whole, like I mentioned, I wasn't entirely disappointed with the book. The character herself was likeable, she was down to earth and had an edge to her, she was reckless and would act in a way you only wish you could. But overall, the storylines that flowed through fell flat for me. The stories themselves were interesting but there was no dramatic climax, there was a clear beginning middle and end but it wasn't a gripping storyline with the ending feeling just a little limp. 
I do feel like the author had left room for a second book, here were some areas that could be followed on, but really I wouldn't see necessary.

Like I mentioned, I did like the book. But, in a dramatic Simon Cowell-esque fashion, I didn't love the book. It could have had a little more edge added, there could have been thicker potholes or outcomes to various happenings. But that's the beauty of reading books, you could read it and have a completely different opinion, you could absolutely wholeheartedly love it! Just for me I feel it fell rather short...



  1. Aww it's a shame you didn't love it. It sounds such an interesting idea for book and the cover is beautiful too.

    Sammy etc xx

    1. I know, it is a shame but I didn't hate it - it was definitely readable! Ah well haha xx