The Book List #14 | The Mars Room

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T #14 | T H E  M A R S  R O O M \\

Here we are again, back with another book review blog post - I'm starting to think I could begin to call myself a book blogger? (HAHA I think I'll leave that title on the back burner for now) But for today, I have a few words to say about The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner. A book I've seen endless praise for in ELLE, Vogue to name a few, you name the magazine, chances are their book section features this book. It's set in a women's prison in the US and follows Romy Hall. A woman doing life (plus 6 years) and follows the highs and lows of prison life. It's not for the faint hearted but boy does it open your eyes to the hard life served inside for life.

A Summer Long Effort of Crossing Things Off

// A  S U M M E R  L O N G  E F F O R T  O F  C R O S S I N G  
T H I N G S  O F F \\

Hello, back again and happy bank holiday Monday to you all! As we're up to the last bank holiday of the year, we've edged closer to the end of summer. In a matter of days we're into pumpkin spiced latte season (for reference, I have in fact tried one of those - wouldn't recommend, tasted very strange) and my birthday month OI OI. So, before we tick over into a new month (and season) I thought I'd reflect on everything I've achieved this summer and managed to 'tick off'. I may have mentioned these things along the way in various posts, but being the ever organised one, I wanted to integrate everything into one post as a little memento of my summer off from university. So with out further ado (future Lisa) this is what I managed to tick off during my long summer at home..

Polka Dot Passion

// P O L K A  D O T  P A S S I O N \\

Well well well, what do we have here?! A fashion post?! On my blog?! .. it's been a fair while hasn't it! Anyway, all joking aside (or am I joking? it really has been two whole months!) I finally found some inspiration to shoot a few photos of my new outfit, near enough from head-to-toe from Olive Clothing. A brand I discovered a few years ago on Instagram who do the most swoon-worthy clothes. I finally, after a little saving (they are just a tiny bit pricy) and much deliberating (so much choice, what to pick?!) decided to invest in a wrap skirt, a basic ribbed top and some oh-so pretty earrings to top the look...

ROUND UP | Because You Are Gold

// B E C A U S E  Y O U  A R E  G O L D\\

And so, in the blink of an eye, the first week of August is complete. In todays posted I simply want to round up a few things I've loved and turned to in the past week. I often find myself avoiding blogging, having this feeling that unless my blog posts are spectacular with a great message or have meaning, there isn't much point blogging anymore. But hell, if I want to report I've read Vogue this week than that's what imma do! I mean if no one cares to read, I'll be sure to haha