A Summer Long Effort of Crossing Things Off

// A  S U M M E R  L O N G  E F F O R T  O F  C R O S S I N G  
T H I N G S  O F F \\

Hello, back again and happy bank holiday Monday to you all! As we're up to the last bank holiday of the year, we've edged closer to the end of summer. In a matter of days we're into pumpkin spiced latte season (for reference, I have in fact tried one of those - wouldn't recommend, tasted very strange) and my birthday month OI OI. So, before we tick over into a new month (and season) I thought I'd reflect on everything I've achieved this summer and managed to 'tick off'. I may have mentioned these things along the way in various posts, but being the ever organised one, I wanted to integrate everything into one post as a little memento of my summer off from university. So with out further ado (future Lisa) this is what I managed to tick off during my long summer at home..

R U N N I N G  5K & 7K

The first thing I've managed to tick off, which I'm most pleased with is my running. I'll be honest, for the past few years I've never had any motivation to consistently keep up running as a hobby, but its always been a love of mine. This summer I managed to stick at it, running 2/3 times a week, joined the local running club my mum is part of and completed two 5K races (3 miles) and a 7K (4.1 miles) which I'm so so proud of myself for. I hope I can stick at this come moving back to University because I really have caught the running bug. My next challenge is to complete a 10K which I've been considering since a while. All I can say is watch this space..!

R E A D I N G 

My aim for this summer was to read 5 books. Given my summer was 4 months long and me not being thee fastest reader I thought this would be a good challenge. So far I'm actually on my fourth book, with not too much left and already have my fifth lined up. I'm actually pretty pleased with myself as I've managed to write up blog post reviews on them too and also found I look forward to the serenity of sitting down with a good book and having a chunk of time not glued to my phone. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, well I feel I've well and truly formed a great habit in making sure I set aside an hour everyday to read. 

 W O R K I N G  &  S A V I N G  M O N E Y

Of course I couldn't have done all the great things I managed this summer; a holiday, a festival, a concert etc. without earning some money to put in my back pocket, so I got myself a little cafe good up the road from my house. I actually have felt like I've worked flat out throughout most of July and August and have tried to be a little sensible and saved a chunk for when I'm back at uni - funds can quite easily go down when nights out are a regularity! The cafe I worked out was only a 9 minute drive up the road from my village and has both been extremely busy but extremely fun. I've worked with some great people and part of me will be quite sad to leave them all when I finish later on this week!


And so, this blog. Of course the volume of my blog posts hasn't picked up since I've been home for summer, but this was never the intention. Something I planned this summer was to keep the blog alive and that's what I've managed! I've actually never been prouder of the handful of blog posts I've pictured and wrote this year. The number of them may be smaller but to me the quality has doubled; I actually am planning on writing a blog post soon about 'where I'm at with blogging' as I feel a blogpost every day or every other isn't needed in todays climate. I've managed to stick to routine of 2/3 a month this year and I'm comfortable with that. So here's three cheers to blogging and still keeping at it - and here's to a great Summer in the life of Lisa, it may have been a good'un being home, but my god do I want the student life back again.. catch you on the flip side people, I'm off to pack!


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