Polka Dot Passion

// P O L K A  D O T  P A S S I O N \\

Well well well, what do we have here?! A fashion post?! On my blog?! .. it's been a fair while hasn't it! Anyway, all joking aside (or am I joking? it really has been two whole months!) I finally found some inspiration to shoot a few photos of my new outfit, near enough from head-to-toe from Olive Clothing. A brand I discovered a few years ago on Instagram who do the most swoon-worthy clothes. I finally, after a little saving (they are just a tiny bit pricy) and much deliberating (so much choice, what to pick?!) decided to invest in a wrap skirt, a basic ribbed top and some oh-so pretty earrings to top the look...

What I Wore:





Being a fashion student (well fashion marketing; same difference) I've spent endless hours analysing and searching for next seasons 'trends' or what the high street currently offers - terms such as the 'trickle-down effect' are ingrained in me after countless marketing reports and Powerpoints I've had to do since September. A trend I've picked up, this time out of my own leisurely scrolling of Instagram is wrap skirts. I've seen countless bloggers donning the swishy skirts and I myself have fallen in love with the look. Adding to this, polka dots seem to be doing the rounds this summer. So, combining the two and in an attempt to be bang on style, I invested in one! And just as they seem on Instagram, they're both comfy and incredibly light weight. 

As it seemed my wardrobe didn't have any substantial parings for the skirt, whilst I was scouring  online I thought a simple, basic ivory top would work just right. I'm admittedly hopeless at shopping for basics so I'm quite pleased with myself I was sensible and bought something plain!

To finalise this look - which I wore out to a Garden Centre as well as Tapas with my mother (don't tell I don't know how to live on the edge) I wore my patterned espadrilles which, by now, have had a good few outings and have yet to let me down. As well as my new pink pearl, jagged square earrings which I've been eyeing up since forever. They're a little bigger than I thought but that doesn't discredit how pretty they are! All in all I'm slightly in love with this outfit, the skirt is both comfy as well as flattering as well as the everything else matching incredibly well - *pats self on back*.



  1. I love the look of this skirt, and I totally agree that wrap skirts are everywhere at the minute. This one suits you so much!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Ah thank you! They really are everywhere aren’t they xx