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And so, in the blink of an eye, the first week of August is complete. In todays posted I simply want to round up a few things I've loved and turned to in the past week. I often find myself avoiding blogging, having this feeling that unless my blog posts are spectacular with a great message or have meaning, there isn't much point blogging anymore. But hell, if I want to report I've read Vogue this week than that's what imma do! I mean if no one cares to read, I'll be sure to haha
The first thing to report from the past week is that Vogue's ever-important September issue is upon us and has one hell of a beautiful cover featuring Rihanna. I've had a lovely afternoon over the weekend sitting with a coffee reading through, its of course quite a bulky read but there's nothing like a little bit of fantasy shopping whilst flicking through Vogue is there?! Talking of reading, I've finished my third book of summer: The F Word by Lily Pebbles! It was genuinely a brilliant read and oh so relatable; definitely a recommendation. Its now on to my next book: The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner, a fiction novel based in a women's prison - I shall report back when I'm done.

The second thing to report is: my nails are SO bad at the moment; that's probably a detail you really don't care about but I'm telling you anyway. To combat this I've used a combination; using the Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil which seems to be helping as well as nail polish on my days off from work! One particular nail polish I've loved is an old fav; the NailsInc 'Bamboo White' (similar: here) from their Victoria Beckham range a few years ago. It's a pale pinky white and really compliments the nails!
Talking of NailsInc, I recently having been loving Lily Pebbles and Anna from The Anna Edit's podcast 'At Home With..' their episode with the founder of the brand was a really inspirational one, being full of tips for the industry and really gave me that motivation when it comes to my future job prospects - it was a real good listen!

The third (and last) thing to report is a couple of new items to the wardrobe, well one new item and a one section I've rediscovered. Firstly is my new straw clutch from Melon Swimwear, I've always been reluctant to joining trends but finally jumped on the ol' straw bag bandwagon and am so so glad I did because I'm so in love with this latest purchase! Finally is my rediscovery of a couple of dresses I've had hanging up in my wardrobe for what feels like an age. With the past month and a half being glorious, it's been so lovely to finally be able to wear a nice summer dress without the panic at the back of my mind that it'll rain - I may not like the heat, but I've loved that it's made it easier to pick an outfit in the morning!


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