That Was September Folks!

// T  H A T  W A S  S E P T E M B E R  F O L K S! \\

Without sounding at all repetitive or cliché, where the help did September go?! In the blink of an eye I've moved back to Epsom, been out a lot (lol) and suddenly been thrown in deep into Second Year at Uni. It's been a strange month of getting back into a different routine and settling in once more to life independently, but I've also had the best month aside from the weird sleeping-in-a-different-bed. I've ticked off London Fashion Week (well, visiting outside to 'trend spot' for a module of work, more on that in a bit), being able to finally sing 22 by Taylor Swift (feels like yesterday I jokingly talked about it in this blog post) and like I said, be thrown back into university life. September is always a weird transitional month and as Autumn has officially ticked over, I can finally say I'm settled again and ready for what the last few months of 2018 bring!