A Weekend Back on Anglesey

// A  W E E K E N D  B A C K  O N  A N G L E S E Y \\

Well hello there, it's me again. Remember me? the girl who has well and truly deserted her blog over the past two months, the girl who has had an absolute mountain of work to do and has only now found a space 5 minutes to type.. yeah well she's back now (well I'll say momentarily!)   Just to illustrate just how busy I've been work-wise, the following blog post is actually from a weekend a few weeks back, when I went home to Anglesey to see family for a few days break. It's only two weekends later that I've managed to sit down and type this! So, not to put these photos to waste (and to FINALLY have a blog post up) I thought I share some snippets of the lovely few days I had back home. It included a lot of TV watching (an absolute luxury), a Food Festival, lots of Catch-ups as well as a lot of eating out, hope ya like it!

Of course I don't want to completely bore this blog post by moaning just how busy I've been trying to get my Fashion Forecasting report(s) done for uni, let's just say I've had a lot to do. But amongst all the researching and typing, I jumped on a train, sat for 5 hours and finally reached home (I love how close London is to home!!!!! jk) a few weeks back.  I'll be honest, it was honestly the nicest feeling coming home and seeing my mum after 6 weeks away. I'd forgotten how nice it was to just sit on a sofa, with a coffee and catchup in person with her! 

Whilst at home, I had 2 full days and managed to cram in lunch out/shopping with my mum, visiting my family and a day at a food festival with my friend!  Also, because I live so rurally back home, I drove for the first time over that weekend after about 2 months so was quite entertaining working out how to drive again haha. 

Anyway, I wanted to keep this post short and sweet just as a small update after far too long; despite it being only 2 weeks ago, this weekend back home feels a life time ago, so was nice for myself to re-look at my little snaps from home. It's honestly not even that long until I'm back home for Christmas, I just feel I've managed to cram SO much into 2018 so far and still have SO much left planned - let's just say although my blog is no longer a very exciting place (honestly feel so bad for forgetting about it) in the real world I have a lot more interesting stuff going on. One example being New York, yes I'm off to the big apple in 2 weeks time with uni and you bet I'm ecstatic!!! watch this space, there may be a blog post, oooo but don't hold your breath folks hahaha


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