Blog Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen

// B L O G  E I G H T E E N  I N  T W E N T Y  E I G H T E E N \\

As I write this I cannot help but be both a little sad and incredibly happy at the same time. I'm a little sad as 2018 was genuinely the best year of my life; no exaggeration therefore kissing goodbye to the year makes me want to sigh a little! I've packed in so much this year and have the best memories from it. With me starting it in my second term of first year university, I'm ending it in second year with a wealth of memories from holidays, trips, festivals with the best bunch of friends I can ask for. Yes, I do excuse you to go grab a sick bucket at how corny that does sound, but with 18 being my lucky number, the year 2018 did not let me down, it will forever be the year I look back on a think I legitimately lived my absolute best life; no pressure 2019!

Catching Up With Life | New York & Beyond

// C A T C H I N G  U P  W I T H  L I F E | 
N E W  Y O R K & B E Y O N D \\

Well well well, I've only gone and done it again - completely abandoned my blog, oops. In my defence, second year has well and truly been full on, chuck in a 5 day trip to New York end of November and you can probably see why updating this tiny part of internet hasn't been at the forefront of my mind! BUT, with me being home for Christmas as we speak, I thought it was finally time to catch up. Besides, I love looking back on my travel posts on this blog, however brief or small, so visiting such a bucket list city as New York should not be shunned. So here you are future Lisa; here's your blog post of New York!