Blog Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen

// B L O G  E I G H T E E N  I N  T W E N T Y  E I G H T E E N \\

As I write this I cannot help but be both a little sad and incredibly happy at the same time. I'm a little sad as 2018 was genuinely the best year of my life; no exaggeration therefore kissing goodbye to the year makes me want to sigh a little! I've packed in so much this year and have the best memories from it. With me starting it in my second term of first year university, I'm ending it in second year with a wealth of memories from holidays, trips, festivals with the best bunch of friends I can ask for. Yes, I do excuse you to go grab a sick bucket at how corny that does sound, but with 18 being my lucky number, the year 2018 did not let me down, it will forever be the year I look back on a think I legitimately lived my absolute best life; no pressure 2019!

// T R A V E L \\


I've been so incredibly lucky this year to have managed 3 trips abroad, this consisting of a city break with my uni pals to Amsterdam in February, Magaluf again with my uni friends in June and rounding off the year with a uni  trip to New bloody York in November. I cannot believe I've managed to fit in three whole trips, with the additions of a weekend to Truck Festival in Oxford in July as well as visiting Dublin in June also. Amsterdam was such a beautiful city to visit, despite the fact that half of our 4 day trip I spent with the tale end of the Flu, apart from this it was such a amazing place to visit. With Magaluf and Truck Festival my memories and funny stories are endless as I was probably drunk for 90% of them, but literally the most fun I've ever had. 

My trip to Dublin was such a fun few days with me visiting my uni friend whilst we were home over Summer, we went to a concert were non other then CRIAG DAVID performed, honestly was a dream come true seeing him (I'm serious); I don't think I've sang as loudly as when 7 days came on! 
New York (as I wrote in my previous post) was an absolute bucket list trip ticked off; it was as magical as it looks in the movies and I still can't get my head around the fact I went.
You see what I mean when I say 2018 was a stellar year; I don't think I will be as well travelled as this for a fair few years again!

// F A S H I O N \\

In terms of Fashion, I feel my blog posts on this blog, despite being few and fair between have been the best quality I have done since I started this blog in 2014. I have said countless times that I have (out of choice) neglected this blog because of uni work/life in general. But now I look back, I'm actually pretty damn proud of the posts I've managed this year. With me being a fashion marketing student, I often worry I should put more effort into the fashion content on this blog, but at the end of it, even if I've only managed 2 posts a month, those 2 posts have been a lot better then some of the questionable styles post I've put up in recent years haha (I have to laugh at myself) So for that; high five for progression. In 2019, I feel good in not putting too much pressure into blogging, because the mantra this year was to blog when I felt like it and so to that I shall carry on; whether it be fashion or otherwise!

And so cheers to 2019! the year were I will be spending a quarter of it in university, a quarter in a fashion internship, a summer of possibilities (read: I have no idea what I'm doing over summer) and then 3rd year is upon me.. queue endless panicking over my final major project. But before all stress, I hopefully have a good year planned. I never expected to cram so much into this year so here's to hoping the odd trip or event pops up throughout the year! Happy New Year everyone.



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