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Well well well, I've only gone and done it again - completely abandoned my blog, oops. In my defence, second year has well and truly been full on, chuck in a 5 day trip to New York end of November and you can probably see why updating this tiny part of internet hasn't been at the forefront of my mind! BUT, with me being home for Christmas as we speak, I thought it was finally time to catch up. Besides, I love looking back on my travel posts on this blog, however brief or small, so visiting such a bucket list city as New York should not be shunned. So here you are future Lisa; here's your blog post of New York!
Since the last time I updated my blog, aside from my NewYork trip, my life has been a routine of uni work, going out and then getting on with yet more uni work the next day. Despite the fact the work has eased up ever so slightly of late (thank u group work) our Trend Forecasting module was a gruelling one. But something to update you on; my results were released last week and ya gal got an A+ (86%) YAAAS. Honestly, I'm still in shock I got such a high mark, it was a welcome relief having put so much time and effort into it! 

N E W  Y O R K 
New York has always been a dream of mine to visit, so when our university course had a 5 day trip on offer, I of course could not say no! The trip all together was formed of one full day to explore ourselves, two days of planned activities including museum visits and talks at a fashion college. With two half days to ourselves on the days we were flying in/out of the big apple. I can honestly say it was one of the best trips I've taken, with us ticking off more than I could imagine off our list, of places we visited. You know you've had a good trip when you can't pin point a particular highlight, it was all too good. The Flat Iron was something that does stick out in my memory though, as it was such an impressive building! With it being only a short flight (who knew the flight is only around 7 hours - so impressive!) I cannot believe I've managed to tick off such an iconic city from my bucket list. 

I wanted to end this blog post by chatting a little about blogging in general. I've found I've been conflicted about the whole thing lately. Having no desire to actual blog at all, with me finding the whole thing generally uninteresting, if you look at my blogging Instagram I've somehow deserted that too since a good month. I find its a definite sign of the times, I don't really tend to read them myself anymore so in return don't even think to blog myself. I find I've been too busy actually living my life to think of it - which to be honest I don't find bad at all! But hey hoo, I found a little inspiration in the fact I wanted a little keepsake for myself on the internet. So a little conclusion to this ramble, blogging at the mo has somehow slipped to the back of my mind, but who knows this one blog post may be the start of something - I'll just have to say wait and see!


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