The Book List #15 | What Would the Spice Girls Do?

// T H E  B O O K L I S T #15 \\
// W H A T  W O U L D  T H E  S P I C E  G I R L S  D O? \\

Now being born in 1996, you may be thinking 'surely this girl is way too young to remember the Spice Girls' and that may friend is completely correct.  Besides, I was barely a thought to my mum when they were formed, they were shouting GIRL POWER when all I was doing was crying in a cot demanding more milk; my anthem at that time was the sweet tune of the Teletubbies, much less zig-ah-zig-ah. But, as with every phenomenon of the day, if something is biggest enough in pop culture chances are it'll filter down to the next generation; and this is were my love for the Spice Girls stems.  If you loved the girls in the 90's, or like me you're a late adopter, it's an extremely fun yet powerful book, charting how they changed outlooks for women to girl gangs, raised confidence and changed fashion... this book I can say now, is 100% a must read (and most definitely makes you want to race to Spotify at the first chance and scream wannabe.. )


// M A R S E I L L E  1 9 9 0 \\

By now we all know how these New Years resolutions work; first few months of the year we're all keen to stick to them, doing all we can to carry on this new found motivation of a clean slate, then come mid-March you've started to forget what they even were in the first place. Well, as you can tell, I feebly wrote down 'do more fashion blogging' down as a resolution, which I'll ~try~ and stick to but we all know how it'll inevitably pan out! So, whilst this new year fresh motivation is upon me, I thought I'd get a little arty on illustrator and create a post about an outfit (more specifically a jumper) I've worn a lot lately. It's surprising what a little procrastination can do away from doing uni work!