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By now we all know how these New Years resolutions work; first few months of the year we're all keen to stick to them, doing all we can to carry on this new found motivation of a clean slate, then come mid-March you've started to forget what they even were in the first place. Well, as you can tell, I feebly wrote down 'do more fashion blogging' down as a resolution, which I'll ~try~ and stick to but we all know how it'll inevitably pan out! So, whilst this new year fresh motivation is upon me, I thought I'd get a little arty on illustrator and create a post about an outfit (more specifically a jumper) I've worn a lot lately. It's surprising what a little procrastination can do away from doing uni work!

[Jumper: New Look | Culottes: Zara (similar) | Converse]

Having had my eye on this New Look jumper for the longest time, a little miracle happened mid-November time. With it being around £30, I waited and waited for there to be some kind of sale on (I mean I needed to prove to my mum I am at least a ~ little~ bit sensible with my student loan) and low and behold, New Look had it on sale at half price; I obviously couldn't say no to that! So quickly did I snap it up and I've probably worn it every week since! (having found the link for it above I think it's actually down to something ridiculous like £7 now!)  With me being a girl who's almost afraid of wearing neutral colours like grey or black, the fact this jumper is so colourful and almost vintage looking, it really caught my eye. For this specific outfit, I found my dusky pink culottes from the winter before worked incredibly well,  previous I've worn it with simple jeans or leggings too.

As we're deep into winter now, for the foreseeable this jumper (amongst other knits) will be my staple. As I have plenty of jumpers from past winters I try not to buy too much each year because I simply run out of room in my wardrobe. But this jumper was just too good not to buy, a treat every once in a while is definitely the best way!


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