The Book List #15 | What Would the Spice Girls Do?

// T H E  B O O K L I S T #15 \\
// W H A T  W O U L D  T H E  S P I C E  G I R L S  D O? \\

Now being born in 1996, you may be thinking 'surely this girl is way too young to remember the Spice Girls' and that may friend is completely correct.  Besides, I was barely a thought to my mum when they were formed, they were shouting GIRL POWER when all I was doing was crying in a cot demanding more milk; my anthem at that time was the sweet tune of the Teletubbies, much less zig-ah-zig-ah. But, as with every phenomenon of the day, if something is biggest enough in pop culture chances are it'll filter down to the next generation; and this is were my love for the Spice Girls stems.  If you loved the girls in the 90's, or like me you're a late adopter, it's an extremely fun yet powerful book, charting how they changed outlooks for women to girl gangs, raised confidence and changed fashion... this book I can say now, is 100% a must read (and most definitely makes you want to race to Spotify at the first chance and scream wannabe.. )

With this book, I've seen it dotted all across social media, showing just how powerful the girl were in their heyday, they are as relevant today as ever. With the growing social shift in attitudes whether it be new wave feminism or the extremely power #MeToo movement, the book perfectly flits back and forth from todays society right back to, well, what the Spice Girls did. 

It sees chapters such as 'The Spice Girls and Confidence' where the author speaks from experience, explaining how their confidence filtered to her own personality of dealing with the boys in the playground,  shouting back at schoolyard comments.  The book of course, is very Spice-heavy; if you were very oblivious to anything Spice Girls related from back in the day (I mean my knowledge and love has purely come from reading-up and listening to them in my late teens) I feel this book wouldn't be of interest. You have to know them to know the book, if you so much as have heard 'Wannabe' a couple of times, drunk at a wedding party, this book may not be for you. 

For a person who would have killed to have been able to buy tickets to see the reunion this summer (but unfortunately £90 was bit too steep for my student budget) this book was a smile-from-ear-to-ear type book at the endless references to the girls antics back in the day, portraying how their actions have filtered into society today. It's a feminism type book, were the author has clearly done her research into todays movements, continuously linking them back to the Spice Girls, with a string of quotes from fans. It's a very interesting read. Basically, if you're a Spice Girls fan I would highly recommend reading it, you'll thank me later. Yes it is niche for those who aren't but all in all, it was a very worthy read. 


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