Three Things from the Week: Books, Blogs & The Colour Mint

// T H R E E  T H I N G S  F R O M  T H E  W E E K 24.05 \\
Books, Blogs & The Colour Mint

It’s been a long ol’ time since I sat down and wrote down a few words on this blog of mine, as with everyone from time to time, life can pass by in a blur of living, working (and often in my case rosé drinking.. I mean what are your twenties for, eh?!) But, that’s the great thing I’ve found lately, I’ve started to really not care if my life isn’t documented online. This blog will always been something that I have in my life, but if I choose to not update it for a couple weeks/months/ whatever, that’s absolutely fine. So here I am, back once more with a tale of things from my week that have got me through. A book from a friend that has me absolutely gripped (and belly laughing in that case), a colour that has well and truly taken over my wardrobe as well as a blog that I’ve found myself reading (scouring) and feeling more inspired than ever. See life’s a funny thing, one minute you’re in a blur of the London-working (interning) life, busily rushing onto a packed Northern Line. The next you’re sat down, coffee in hand, mellowly reflecting on your week; so let’s reflected a bit shall we?
The first of three is a book I was told is a must-read from my friend, Hannah; Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. Being told how incredibly relatable and funny it was, I’ve instantly loved the writing style and quick-wit. I’m more than half way at this point and can honestly say it’s already one of my favourite books. Not quite described as an autobiography, I would say it’s more of a book of short stories from her twenties, as she describes things she’s learnt along the way. From example, ‘Everything I know about love at 21’, the perfect Mac n Cheese receipe for a Hangover as well as a current chapter I’ve just read being about her first flat in Camden aged 24. It really is a light-hearted, funny read and one that makes my early morning commute, a whole lot more bearable.

Next, a colour, the colour mint (or as described on the Mango website; aqua) As with the way of the world, every season see's a new colour shade that's the talk of the moment. Well, pushing aside the pearl-side-clips-in-hair trend I have sadly succumbed to (there's just too pretty what can I say) this Mint/Aqua shade had me at hello. Having already bought into it in the form of a two piece, ribbed trouser and top combo, I've dipped in in the form of a nail varnish too. It's such a gorgeous shade and one that's extremely apt for the warmer, summer months; let's see what else worms it's way into my wardrobe in the coming months..

Finally, a blog. I've been follower on The Frugality for a good few years now, both Instagram and Blog and have found her content extremely inspiring of late. From her style, to homeware (to extremely cute baby, Peggy) The words she writes and topics she covers have an absolute been a go-to and a blog I very much look forward to reading with each new notification.


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