Straws, Skincare & a Lunchbox | Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #2

// L I T T L E  W A Y S  I  S T A Y  S U S T A I N A B L E #2 \\
Straws, Skincare & a Lunchbox

Following on from this post, I posted a couple of months back, I've continued my journey in trying to live more sustainably, educating myself further on little ways I can change my daily habits and ever evolving my lifestyle choices. Having previously wrote about how I have made a drastic decline in the amount of clothes I buy, with various ways I now donate/recycle them when they've sadly lost love in my wardrobe, I've also touched previously on reusable coffee cups as well as small changes in my diet, so today I wanted to do a part two. As with everyone being fed ever more information on things they can do to help, I feel I've picked up so much more information and useful websites recently to help to teach me what can be done, as well as invested in items that will definitely make a small difference; even just in my daily life.

The first category in which I have made a change in is Skincare. Having ditched the makeup wipes completely and invested in Micheller water, I have added both Reusable Cotton Pads as well as Bamboo Cotton Buds into the mix. The idea being with reusable cotton pads is you buy a pack (in my case 16 pads) and are given a small laundry bag to pop them all in to wash in your washing machine, so to majority cut down on waste and stop the harmful effect of wipes on the environment. I picked these up on Amazon for £12 and despite the investment, the amount that it will save me in purchasing normal cotton pads will mean I'll definitely see a difference! Adding to this, is the bamboo cotton buds. Again these little buds may not seem harmful but have seen to be incredibly polluting on beaches and beyond (I think we all know the graphic of the seahorse carrying one in its tails?!) - I have switched to bamboo versions. Having picked up 'Panda Stix' on Amazon which are 100% biodegradable which is perfect! I'm not a person to use a mass of them, but with buying these at least when I do, I know that i'm not adding to that increasing plastic problem. 

In the Kitchen, I've made two swaps; aluminium straws as well as buying a bamboo lunchbox. Not being a massive straw user, the odd time I do need one I felt it would be good to have them in the draw!  With my lunch box, as I've been on Internship and being a girl religiously make a Bap for lunch, I've been noticing reusing a plastic food bag, despite me only throwing the bag away after 5 days of using it, it's still very polluting even putting the plastic bag in recycling (am not even sure if they actually can be recycled but I put them in there anyway) so instead, I thought I'd buy a small box that I can wash everyday. I picked a mint green colour box, again on Amazon and will definitely help cut down on needing food bags full stop.

With my four need additions to my life, I feel a massive help in knowing what to do and where to start is from a website I discovered called 'Trash Plastic' - run my lady named Sophie, who has set out the website, all into various categories which can help know what to do in order to swap out what you may be using now, and ways to change them. For example, being bamboo cotton buds was not even something I'd even thought of; just shows that everyday in an education! 

.. and so that is my little 'update' if you like, into new additions into my sustainability attempts. Of course, it's easy enough to think one person, little ol' you, doing small things isn't going to go much to help, but if we all thought like this then an impact will definitely start to show.


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