The Book List #16 | Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman

// T H E  B O O K  L I S T #16 \\
 Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman.

Hello there, back again with another book review. This time a feminist book, which charts all the women in popular culture who have pushed boundaries through being 'too something', whether that be Kim Kardashian who endured constant scrutiny for being 'Too Pregnant' or Serena Williams who through being above and beyond in her field, being 'Too Strong'. Through exploring the media's view on these women, to how being too unruly in their actions have changed societies views on different issues. It was an extremely interesting read, with each chapter offering a different 'Too'; all women who, without realising have pushed boundaries but suffered constant scrutiny beyond thinking, definitely worth picking up for an insight into have far societies issues have come for women, most definitely making you proud to be one!

Feminist literature seems to be soaring in recent times, with countless titles offering opinions and insights into how society is changing, people who have helped this change as well as what is needing to be done. This book offers a great mix of all of this, by charting all of the highs and lows of how it was, how it is now, as well as how it can be. Starting with Serena Williams who is 'Too Strong', the author creates an images of a young girl from the outskirts of New York who absolute dominates from an early age, she recalls how Serena built up this image of being outspoken and acting just how her male counterparts did, though with an uncharted level of scrutiny. She writes about how her race was seen to be a factor to her brazen attitude, how her fashion sense was making the tennis world more 'tacky' as well as countless other quotes from journalists and onlookers in the Tennis world.

Moving on further into the book, we have Melissa McCarthy; 'Too Fat', Madonna' 'Too Old' as well as Nicki Minaj 'Too Slutty' - each chapter going in depth into each woman's actions and how they became to define them in society. The author defends each woman comparing how society would perceive these actions if done by a man (spoiler, as you may have guessed - definitely not 'too' anything)

Its an incredibly insightful read that makes you both question the media for how they damn woman for absolute anything they do, also questioning how much still needs to be done and how many attitudes still need to be changed. It will open your eyes to facts you may not have even considered possible, for example the chapter Jennifer Weiner 'Too Loud', which explores just how male-dominated the Book world is, how female literature (or 'Chick-flicks) are continuously brought down and how Bestseller list are time and time again largely male dominated. It was so very eye opening.

So there we have it, book number 6 added to my 2019 reading list. I set myself a 15 book challenge this year, so six months in I may be a little behind but I can definitely make it up, this is me making a mental note to read more - definitely read more, and if you do happen to pick this one up.. happy reading!


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