An Enquiring Mind: Manolo Blahnik at The Wallace Collection

// An Enquiring Mind: Manolo Blahnik at The Wallace Collection \\

Let's take things down a more civilised alley now shall we and talk about an exhibition I visited over the weekend (and basically have not stopped talking about since). The Manolo Blahnik exhibition at Marlybone's The Wallace Collection has been on my list for what feels like an eternity now and it really did not disappoint. Spanning across 15 rooms, the exhibition guides us through different rooms, which pairs Sir Richard Wallaces collection of 18th century art pieces which were influences for Blahniks shoe designs. The exhibition features hundreds of pairs of shoes in a setting that honestly blew my mind. Not being a girl that particularly is a regular to museums, I could not recommend a visit here enough (and it was free.. what more do you need?!)