Fashion Interning: 6 Months Done & That's a Wrap!

 // Fashion Interning:  
6 Months Done & That's a Wrap! \\

6 months. 6 whole months of Interning and I'm done.. am I relived? too bloody right I am. In what has been the hardest, longest but most rewarding half a year of my life, I can happily say I have completed a 6 months internship, starting off as simply in Social Media and turned into a Studio Manager role for the majority; definitely something to place proudly at the top of my CV!  From the commuting to-and-from North East London, the late nights, (very) early mornings and the learning the most I have in my life so far, it really has been a rollercoaster. Yes, that may sound dramatic but interning is definitely difficult, but now I'm done I serious don't regret any of it... but now seriously pass me a very large (bottle of) rosé.