Fashion Interning: 6 Months Done & That's a Wrap!

 // Fashion Interning:  
6 Months Done & That's a Wrap! \\

6 months. 6 whole months of Interning and I'm done.. am I relived? too bloody right I am. In what has been the hardest, longest but most rewarding half a year of my life, I can happily say I have completed a 6 months internship, starting off as simply in Social Media and turned into a Studio Manager role for the majority; definitely something to place proudly at the top of my CV!  From the commuting to-and-from North East London, the late nights, (very) early mornings and the learning the most I have in my life so far, it really has been a rollercoaster. Yes, that may sound dramatic but interning is definitely difficult, but now I'm done I serious don't regret any of it... but now seriously pass me a very large (bottle of) rosé.

As I sit here right now I can't quite believe how quickly the end has come. It's always the case where we tend to whip out the old saying It only feels like yesterday I started.. but it actually really does. I began my Internship mid-February as a placement module for second year. As apposed to the traditional placement year some universities offer, mine required us to do 300 hours (or 3 months if like me that is a bit difficult to work out timescale-wise haha) - Of course, I could have done what most had done and simply just done what was required, signed off and got a summer job, but I'm always one for making my life difficult, so signed my life away to 6 whole months.. In my head (which I still agree with) I have 18 months office experiences from my job before uni, so adding an extra 6 would run it up to 2 whole years of experience for when I scarily try and find a job after I graduate. What I didn't quite realise was quite how much work that would be.

Of course, that does sound a little too dramatic too, but one of the downsides that you don't get told before you start Interning is how much the commuting takes it out of you. This is one of the main downsides I would say; the 6:30am wake up, the sheer amount of people crammed onto the trains, the 7:30pm return back home... to anyone doing this for years may be used to it, but it definitely comes as quite a shock to the system for someone who isn't.  I think this alone (as well as how bloody hard I worked at my Internship ) was definitely the biggest things I've learnt in the past 6 months; just how far I can push myself. 

It really has been a major learning curve, from handling a Social Media channel of a Couture fashion label, to assisting with admin, right though to being a Studio Manager where you have a million and one things to remember, being PA to the Creative Director and even holding Skype interviews (!! - probably my biggest achievement) On the whole, now I look back I really have learnt a MASSIVE amount and am glad I did, even on the days my 6am alarm was welcomed with not the nicest of greetings..


I have to say, this summer has been mentally tough, working my socks off, maintaining a social life and not earning any money (I'm not going into that one, I've ranted way too much) but on the whole I  am bloody proud of myself right now. As I sit here, finishing off this blog post I feel a massive relief its over but boy do I not regret it; the friends I have made, the knowledge I've gained.. but for now I'm signing out of full-time work for a while. I have 5 weeks of festivals, holidays and generally good stuff, then 3rd year starts.. which I'm both dreading and excited too.. Watch this space, I may be wishing I was back on the 7:34am train commuting into the busy city haha.


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