A Sustainability Tour of Brighton | Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #4

// A Sustainability Tour of Brighton \\
Little Ways I Like to Stay Sustainable #4

On Wednesday last week I jumped on a train and headed down to Brighton, the aim being to visit lots of sustainable stores for my university project. As I am predominately focusing on the zero-waste/tackling the waste crisis, I chose to head down to Brighton as it is well known how sustainable the town is. I've been to Brighton once before (but that time being for a night out with my friends.. so a little different!) so was a lovely chilly autumn afternoon to walk around, visit shops (and a cafe) that I genuinely wanted to explore. Despite Brighton being over an hour away by train, it was a genuinely enjoyable and a productive day, one I wanted to share some of the Sustainable hotspots I found, so recommendations for your next trip to Brighton!

LIVE GREEN | Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #3

Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #3 

I'm back again today and wanted to talk a little about a book I have recently finished, forming part of my Sustainable journey (if you will). It's a lovely book written my author Jen Chillingsworth who has completely adopted the sustainable life and the more I read through the more I hope one day I'll have a lovely home setup just like her! From the cover, the books premise is Jen talking through '52 ways for a Sustainable life' where she covers all areas of the home from the Garden, the Kitchen, Slow Fashion as well as your eating habits. Of course, this book may be very niche in the sense that not everyone is (unfortunately) fully custom to making everyday sustainable changes, BUT I feel like it is definitely a book everyone should have a read of, because even if you make one change to what you'd usually do you'd make a big big difference!

The Book List #17 | Feminists Don't Wear Pink

 // Feminists Don't Wear Pink by Scarlett Curtis  \\ 
The Book List #16

Hello hello, guess who is once again back on the blog with only a 'sorry I've just been a bit busy' excuse, yes, yes it's me. Life has been a bit busy lately, with starting third year and what not, so this blog hasn't really been at the forefront of my mind. But naturally, I have that 'aw I really don't want to let this blog go' so in a comeback a few notch less exciting then the Spice Girls (who I didn't manage to see in concert this year in the end*cry*) I'm back with a book review. This time a book I, by chance, picked up in my local library, and it's a title that well and truly has done the rounds on Instagram and after finishing it beginning of last week, well and truly deserved it too. It's a collection of short stories, memoirs and poems by a whole host of important women, both celebrities as well as those behind the scenes. It offers a whole load of inspiration and makes you both proud to be a woman as well as mad at just how messed up the world still is for women. Definitely worth a read, with each 'chapter/story' no more than 4/5 pages..