LIVE GREEN | Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #3

Little Ways I Stay Sustainable #3 

I'm back again today and wanted to talk a little about a book I have recently finished, forming part of my Sustainable journey (if you will). It's a lovely book written my author Jen Chillingsworth who has completely adopted the sustainable life and the more I read through the more I hope one day I'll have a lovely home setup just like her! From the cover, the books premise is Jen talking through '52 ways for a Sustainable life' where she covers all areas of the home from the Garden, the Kitchen, Slow Fashion as well as your eating habits. Of course, this book may be very niche in the sense that not everyone is (unfortunately) fully custom to making everyday sustainable changes, BUT I feel like it is definitely a book everyone should have a read of, because even if you make one change to what you'd usually do you'd make a big big difference!

The book is split into 7 sections from 'Eat Green' to 'Eco Household' to 'Slow Fashion', with the most parts of your everyday life being covered. It's incredibly insightful with lots of handy tips, big and small on how to be more environmentally conscious (with some very home-hitting facts; for example did you know the UK alone produces 14 million tonnes of food waste each year?! W.O.W) I found it particularly helpful within the Eat Green section on how to cut down on food waste, with tips on reducing your carbon footprint and shopping at a food market instead of a supermarket (I have one down the road every single weekend, I have absolutely no excuse!) as well as tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe (although I person never really buy many new clothes anymore so I'm helping a little!)

Of course, there is the odd section not relevant for student-living-in-a-rubbish-flat-with-no-garden like myself, as she has tips on how to be more eco-friendly in the garden as well as tips for cleaning out your larder. So, for this section it was a case of reading and making a mental note for the future, haha!

In short, its a very lovely book, wonderfully illustrated and easy to follow for a sustainability lover like myself. The author has a friendly tone of voice and the tips she gives are simple with lots of recipes and guides to follow too. Definitely worth picking up to improve your everyday habits, I've noted a few that I can't wait to start doing!


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