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The Book List #16

Hello hello, guess who is once again back on the blog with only a 'sorry I've just been a bit busy' excuse, yes, yes it's me. Life has been a bit busy lately, with starting third year and what not, so this blog hasn't really been at the forefront of my mind. But naturally, I have that 'aw I really don't want to let this blog go' so in a comeback a few notch less exciting then the Spice Girls (who I didn't manage to see in concert this year in the end*cry*) I'm back with a book review. This time a book I, by chance, picked up in my local library, and it's a title that well and truly has done the rounds on Instagram and after finishing it beginning of last week, well and truly deserved it too. It's a collection of short stories, memoirs and poems by a whole host of important women, both celebrities as well as those behind the scenes. It offers a whole load of inspiration and makes you both proud to be a woman as well as mad at just how messed up the world still is for women. Definitely worth a read, with each 'chapter/story' no more than 4/5 pages..
Due to the array of woman who wrote in this book, I feel the target audience is simply 'women' (but would be fab if men read it too, then some changes may be seen..) as they varied from Zoe Sugg who naturally appeals to the younger generation to Helen Fielding, writer of Bridget Jones.  What I liked about the book is that Scarlett Curtis who 'curated' the book brought together an amazing bunch of women, with no two story the same. Some writers in the book interviewed a family member on their opinions of Feminism, Helen Fielding wrote a short story of how Bridget Jones would be in 2019 if she were to interact with the topic of feminism. As well as some women writing about what they have done and are doing to bring education around the topic.

It was due to the stories being so varied that it keep you want to read the next one, then the next one.. and being a very strong believer in Feminism, some of the statistics and realities that you don't quite realise, really was shocking. This stat maybe common knowledge to you, but the 'Tampon tax' literally means Tampons and Pads are taxed as a luxury item, not an essential. This was something I felt stupid for not knowing, but with knowledge now it is INFURIATING. You simply cannot believe how women are still being treat and damned, so suitably yet in a massive way.

Of course, I didn't spend my whole time reading the book, shouting at the air and plotting how to end the male species, but it did open my eyes a lot more to what is around. The more happy/funny stories including my absolute favourite writer (and spirit animal) Dolly Alderton wrote a piece in the book definitely made me smile as I read. 

If you are a female, reading this is definitely worth it. I'd strongly suggest either purchasing or more importantly checking your local library for the book (got to support your local community!) and I promise you you'll both thoroughly enjoy and see the world, as a woman, in a slightly different way.


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