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// Blog Eighteen in Twenty Nineteen \\
In a now yearly tradition on this blog,  I am onto my fifth year of reflectively looking back at what's been going on both IRL and on this little blog of mine. With the blog posts now being (very) few and far between, content wise it's quite tricky to be reflective, because well, there isn't much to reflect on (oops). BUT, as with every year I do these, I like to round up what I have actually done (and god forbid not documented online) too.  So, to cling on to blogging for yet another year, here's my somewhat up-and-down, great-yet-difficult 2019..

Fashion wise on this blog, there hasn't really been any form of content in that department. Gone are the days of awkwardly standing in my home conservatory in this weeks outfit, and the reason for that? lots of things really.  A combination of having an incredibly busy year as well as not having anywhere to really shoot an outfit, being the main reasons. Of course, being in my final year of my Fashion Marketing degree, it's still a topic I adore, but on the blogging front, my passion has died down slightly in 2019. Will I return to fashion blogging in 2020? who knows, I'm not putting pressure on it so wait and see!

One thing to note of my 2019 in Fashion was a 6 month internship I managed to complete, working for a British couture designer. I started as Social Media & Admin intern and 8 weeks in became the Studio Manager for the remaining four months. It was honestly the hardest I've worked in my life but something I do not regret one bit. The amount I learnt this year from it was off the scale and gave me a massive glimpse into how my working world will become post-graduation. I gave myself one huge pat on the back upon finishing end of August, definitely a proud moment!

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A topic which has gained momentum in every aspect of my life this year is Sustainability. This being from adjusting my everyday habits e.g. swapping out plastic straw for reusable metal ones, to incorporating these discoveries on this very blog. To even focusing my two university modules on the topic, it really has been something that has become my passion. Sustainability really is something that once you learn the realities, we as a society have created through plastic consumption amongst other things, it's very hard to switch off away from it.  I created a mini-series on this blog in 2019 (I call it mini as it has no more than four posts throughout the whole year haha, I really have been slacking) called 'Little Ways I Stay Sustainable' where I've written of my journey so far. This'll definitely be something I continue in the new year.

I plan to develop my knowledge even more in 2020 and continue to learn of more swaps I can do to help, my latest one being Shampoo & Conditioner bars, my order has been placed so we'll wait and see what I think!

In a turn of events, polar opposite to fashion content on this blog I've actually both read and blogged about a fair share of books this year! Having always been an avid reader, I set myself the challenge of reading 15 books in 2019, and with me not quite reaching that goal, although 12 isn't too shabby, I really am quite happy with my attempts. I've read quite a large array of books, starting the year with a Feminist read which incorporated the Spice Girls (100% recommend!) by Lauren Bravo and ending with Character Breakdown by Zawe Ashton (blog post incoming). Of course, I haven't managed a blog post for every single book I read, but with the ones I felt I wanted to share, they're up on the blog!

This year I also joined my local library! Having always been one to not consider local libraries to have any books I'd enjoy, it actually stocks a massive selection, with very recently releases too. Being a student in a small room, with little storage I've had to cut down on how many books I buy, so borrowing books from the library, completely free has been an incredibly savvy move, if I do say so myself (and I'm contributing to the community!) win win. 

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On the whole, this year has been an incredibly busy one.  With my internship taking up February to August and starting Third Year end of September I've never felt my life has been so full on. On the whole, in-between working my arse off, I've crammed a hell of a lot in. With numerous flying visits home to Anglesey,  a trip to the tennis in Wimbledon in June, festivals, a holiday to Zante, concerts and meals out, it's been a fab year altogether. I'm finishing the year with one module left of university after Christmas, to which I'm on course from a 1st (YAY!) then onto the scary adult world of work!

If I'm honest I don't know where my blog will go in 2020. I will by no means abandon or delete it in anyway, I feel I have way too many keepsakes on it! I do however see it being similar to 2019, posts being few and far between when I feel I have something worth writing about. I think blogging in general has seen a decline, so I see this more of something I will read and look back on rather than an outlet for other people wanting to read. But as I said, well wait and see!

Happy New Year to everyone celebrating and I'll see you in 2020.. 


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