The Book List #19 | Never Green

Never Greener by Ruth Jones 
The Book List #19

Now into our second month of the year, I have officially ticked off my second book - Never Greener by Gavin and Stacey writer Ruth Jones. The fiction novel brings a story of an ancient affair between Kate and Callum which is brought back to life after 17 years apart and 400 miles between them.  It's an incredibly well written story with twists and turns, making me literally not wanting to put it down! Its been a while since I've read a fiction book this good, with Ruth Jones' stellar writing and character building really making for one fab read. With the story really bringing about the question, whether your life really could be greener on the other side..

The Zero Waste Trails: Haircare Bars

Zero Waste Trails | Haircare Bars

Over the past year or so, my passion and interest in Sustainability has grown and grown; you may  have noticed this with the odd post on here! Well, in my bid to live a more Zero Waste lifestyle, I've began to dip into lots of various swaps to products I usually would use day-to-day. I wanted to start this little mini-series to document the swaps that work and the ones that may have fallen short. Today, I wanted to talk about Haircare Bars, which are package free (well they came in a simple recyclable cardboard box) and made of natural ingredients. I've been trailing them over the past month now, with a total of around 10/12 hair washes (I've also been attempting to not wash my hair as much when I shower too, hence the small number of washes!) and I've well and truly been on journey..

Five Podcasts To Listen To

Five Podcasts To Listen To

Hi, hello there, me again. Today I wanted to talk through some recent Podcast discoveries that are 100% worth a mention, to which have filled hours of my time and kept me hocked for more. From a podcast that is so brutally honest and hilarious with it I've actually been belly laughing, to honest chats about the environment, money, current affairs and more. The five below are all from woman who are incredibly inspiring and are definitely worth the 30 minute listen whilst you get ready in the morning or endure the commute to the office. Because, I don't know about you but sometimes music just doesn't cut it, so here are some recommendations I just know you'll want to add to your list..

The Book List #18 | Character Breakdown

// Character Breakdown by Zawe Ashton \\
The Book List #18

Hello, hi. Welcome to the first blog post of 2020 on this blog. Six days in and already a post is up, this level of consistency won't last but hello nonetheless! Today I want to review the first book to add to the read list this year: Character Breakdown by Zawe Ashton. A quirky, comical and sometimes dark read that combines short stories with dialogue that follows a spiralling actress. Sounds a little confusing? Well it is to begin with, but let me tell, once you get into it, it's really rather enjoyable. Being a fan of Zawe Ashton from her stint as hilarious Vod on Fresh Meat, I'd had this book on my read list for a while and after finishing, I'm very happy I got to. Definitely recommended for a easy-to-follow and well-written book.