Five Podcasts To Listen To

Five Podcasts To Listen To

Hi, hello there, me again. Today I wanted to talk through some recent Podcast discoveries that are 100% worth a mention, to which have filled hours of my time and kept me hocked for more. From a podcast that is so brutally honest and hilarious with it I've actually been belly laughing, to honest chats about the environment, money, current affairs and more. The five below are all from woman who are incredibly inspiring and are definitely worth the 30 minute listen whilst you get ready in the morning or endure the commute to the office. Because, I don't know about you but sometimes music just doesn't cut it, so here are some recommendations I just know you'll want to add to your list..

1) Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum by Lindsey Holland & Lizzy Hadfield
The first one on the list that is a strong recommendation (and my favourite of this list, if I'm allowed to say that?!) is 'Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum by fashion bloggers Lindsey and Lizzy. It is a podcast, as it's named, about topics you really wouldn't speak to your mum about usually. With honest chats between the two (and the occasional guest) on Dating, Sex and everything in-between. They are so honest and hilarious with it, it's genuinely become my favourite thing to listen to. My particular favourite that is an example of how I've described it is an episode named 'Magaluf Sex Diaries' which I honestly was laughing at from start to end. Definitely a recommend if you're a fan of brutally honest, real conversation spoken about in a light hearted way.

2) The High Low by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes
A second recommend, and a podcast I've seen around for a while now but only recently listened to is 'The High Low'. Being an absolute massive fan of Dolly Alderton after reading her book 'Everything I Know about Love' mid last year, of course I had to start listen to this. Both women are incredibly knowledgeable, with the podcast covering current news stories and debate reverent topics. I may be a little behind listening to current affairs from topics in the news last year, but I still am enjoying catching up! I'm definitely looking forward to a hopeful new series this year - cross fingers.

3) Honestly by Clemmie Telford
A third recommendation is 'Honestly', originally found through her episode with Sophie Tait who own the website 'Trash Plastic' where they discuss in depth the topic of Environmentalism and Sophie's work with Extinction Rebellion. The podcast, as it's named, is very honest and is very much a debate and discussion on a whole host of important topics. Some others including Periods, Body Image and even Cancer. Very important topics that really do need to spoken about and not pushed away as taboo.

4) The BOF Podcast (Business of Fashion)
For a more businessy and professional podcast on, well, the business of fashion today, BOF's podcast is definitely worth a listen.  I recently had a listen to one named 'Woman are at the Forefront of the Sustainable Fashion Revolution' and it was incredibly insightful and discussed cotton production amongst other topics that really got me thinking. It's a podcast that isn't casual but is more thought provoking - perhaps described best as further thinking and more in-depth opinions on typical articles you'd find on BOF's website daily.

5) Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcas
As I am hugely into Sustainability and Zero Waste lately, I found this podcast during my research into the topic end of last year for my penultimate module of uni and have been listening to the odd one since. It explores Zero Waste by chatting to owners of Zero Waste Shops as well as people really doing their bit. If you're interested in the topic, definitely worth giving it a listen!


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