The Book List #18 | Character Breakdown

// Character Breakdown by Zawe Ashton \\
The Book List #18

Hello, hi. Welcome to the first blog post of 2020 on this blog. Six days in and already a post is up, this level of consistency won't last but hello nonetheless! Today I want to review the first book to add to the read list this year: Character Breakdown by Zawe Ashton. A quirky, comical and sometimes dark read that combines short stories with dialogue that follows a spiralling actress. Sounds a little confusing? Well it is to begin with, but let me tell, once you get into it, it's really rather enjoyable. Being a fan of Zawe Ashton from her stint as hilarious Vod on Fresh Meat, I'd had this book on my read list for a while and after finishing, I'm very happy I got to. Definitely recommended for a easy-to-follow and well-written book. 

As mentioned the book is split by short stories which seem to be exaggerated from Ashton's own experience growing up an actress. With the title of each chapter describing her 'Character' of the following story and the 'Breakdown' describing the characteristics. Woven in-between each short story is a script-style story of a women simply dubbed 'Actress', throughout the book, in-between each story is the script of the 'Actress' which follows her life as said actress.  As each short stories and script story being no more than around 10 pages, it is easy to follow as it flits from story to script back to another story.

On the whole, I have to say I haven't read anything like this book for a long time, for its layout and its rawness. As I said, its content seems to be an exaggerated version of the situations Zawe has been in growing up an actress, with the hurdles she has has to face. There is a slight sense it can be described as a memoir, but in another it's nothing of the sort. It's very well written and interesting from start to finish. It's easy enough to pick up and put down, with each scenario being written in great detail. 

This is definitely a recommendation for a read that is light-hearted yet raw at the same time, with some scenes from the book giving you a glimpse into the struggles Zawe has been through as an actress. A strong 8.5/10 recommendation. 


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