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Never Greener by Ruth Jones 
The Book List #19

Now into our second month of the year, I have officially ticked off my second book - Never Greener by Gavin and Stacey writer Ruth Jones. The fiction novel brings a story of an ancient affair between Kate and Callum which is brought back to life after 17 years apart and 400 miles between them.  It's an incredibly well written story with twists and turns, making me literally not wanting to put it down! Its been a while since I've read a fiction book this good, with Ruth Jones' stellar writing and character building really making for one fab read. With the story really bringing about the question, whether your life really could be greener on the other side..

As mentioned, the story is a plot between two characters; Kate, a successful British actress living in London, married to lovely Greg with daughter Tallulah, and Callum, a Scottish school teacher, married to Belinda with three children.  We're initially introduced to both families in 2002, both living their lives 400 miles apart, with only a distant memory of their affair a mere 17 years ago.  What unfolds is a dramatic and insanely gripping stories of their reunion and once more old feelings resurface.

I can honestly, say this book is 100% a fantastic read for something easy to follow yet incredibly well-written, in the sense of Ruth Jones, who we all know is a fab writer, including so much details and creating a believable and rollercoaster of a storyline. Each character you grow to either love or hater. I always find, you know a book is well written when you can clearly imagine what each character would look and sound like, and this story I could perfectly picture.

Of course, it's no chick-flick, rom com book with a happy ending per-say, it's what I mentioned; a believable story. With Kate being a successful actress with a huge amount of problems behind closed doors (who is one of the characters you really don't like but doesn't spoil it one bit - it just makes it better!) and Callum, much older who is an unassuming character yet spirals, upon them reuniting.

So, if you're to pick up one book this year, I really really recommend this one. Perfect for these gloomy winter nights in, it'll soon make you forget all about this stormy weather we're having- so enjoy!


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