Things Making Lockdown More Bearable

Things Making Lockdown More Bearable 
aka the strangest blog post I've ever made.

Now this is a blog post title I never thought would grace my blog; things I'm getting up to during isolation from a global pandemic, pretty nuts huh? In these times of craziness and uncertainty, and as I have now been blessed with all the time in the world to fill (aside for the odd hour of uni work) I thought I'd write a little blog post on some stuff I've been up to. Of course it's nothing really revolutionary (or all that exciting) but it really is making this self-isolation a little less boring!
As my boyfriend is current staying with me in my student flat during this 3-week (and probably beyond) isolation period, and with him working from home Mon-Fri it actually has proved a blessing, as I am having an incentive to wake up with him. Making the week quite structured, which of course definitely is helping! But, for the hours in the day he is working in the kitchen, the following things have been filling my day:


Being a bit of a bookworm, I've always had a book on my bedside table to pick up when I have a little  downtime, but with me having ALL the time in the world at the minute, I've been reading more than ever. In the past couple of weeks I've managed to complete both 'So Lucky' by Dawn O'Porter and 'Queenie' by Candice Carty-Williams - both fab reads (a review is going up soon on the blog of both, so check back soon!) Reading really is something that keeps me calm as well as feeling I have accomplished something from my day, so having a book to hand really is keeping me sane right now!


Scrapbooking is something I have done since, what feels like the beginning of time. I've had one since probably the age of 9 or 10 years old and with me being a very nostalgic person, I often find myself flicking back through them and reminiscing. With my life being a bit hectic with third year university lately (pre-lockdown!) I have struggled to keep up with it. So, having the days to fill now, I've been catching up on my scrapbook from the last 8 months! I've filled about 20 pages, no joke, and it's the best feeling knowing all my photos (and memories) are printed and there for me to look back on.

One Walk a Day

In these strange times where leaving the house isn't recommended, the one permitted walk out of the house is really keeping me going. With Spring officially arriving at the most inconvenient time, having the sun shine into my bedroom but not being able to go outside and enjoy it as much as I'd wish, is a strange notion. But, an evening walk out outside for around an hour to get fresh air and stretch my legs, each day, is really something I look forward.


This may be the most mid-aged thing I've ever typed, but Cleaning has really been something keeping me preoccupied. In the biggest Mrs-Hinch-inspired Amazon haul I've ever done, I bought 'The Pink Stuff' paste cleaner and a Minky cleaning pad and have no joke been on a cleaning rampage. Being in a Student Flat that definitely has seen better days, I don't think there is a surface I haven't scrubbed - very therapeutic indeed (my flatmates are going to LOVE me when they're back post-lockdown haha!)

Trying More Time-Consuming Recipes

Finally is cooking, not being the best kitchen, I've always been the sort to eat healthy, but cook myself easy, throw-in-a-pan-or-oven recipes. But, as my boyfriend is staying with me its now a case of cooking for 2, so when it's been my turn to cook dinner I've really tried to cook meals that require a little more effort. Obviously this doesn't mean anything too fancy before you think I've been whipping up Michelin style meals (LOL) but cooking curries amongst other stuff has been something to keep me busy and teach myself a thing or two!

So there we go, five things keeping me from going mad whilst locked away in my flat, praying life returns to normal very soon. This pandemic is very strange one, but I can only hope it sorted soon, I'm missing my friend so so much and would love to return to a beer garden whilst this sunshine lasts! Hope everyone is safe and well, we've got this guys - the more we stay in the quicker this'll all be done with!



  1. I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking as well, they're time consuming but in a lovely way. It's also a nice opportunity to look back on moments xx

    1. Exactly! I'm such a nostalgic person, so I love to flick back every now and then, through my old ones xx